Post-Practice Update

* With a long weekend for recruiting and recuperation ahead, UCLA ended practice with a spirited scout-team game.

Some quick thoughts:

Eric Kendricks and Aramide Olaniyan simply looked on another level than anyone else on the field during the game. Kendricks had two big stops, Olaniyan had another, and they were right in the thick of most other plays. You can see a lot of talent in those two kids.

Wesley Flowers is absolutely massive, and once he packs some weight on, he could become a force. He needs to pack on good weight and learn how to use it, but I probably did a quadruple-take when he was on the field for the first time.

* Nelson Rosario tweaked his ankle in Tuesday’s practice and hasn’t been much of a factor the last two days.

* Stan Hasiak also tweaked his ankle and missed practice, walking around in a boot.

* Patrick Larimore is still getting opinions on his shoulder and Neuheisel said he would have more information on Sunday at the next practice.

* Malcolm Jones has gotten a ton of work this week, and got a bunch today, too. Looked good but I still see hesitation in hitting the hole, and that’s the most important trait in a zone blocking scheme. I think he just needs to take more chances.

* Practice lagged a little bit toward the middle – definitely not the energy of the last two days – and it came to a head during special teams work, when coach Frank Gansz had the best line of the year: “What is this?!? F***ing Dancing with the Stars?!?”

* Tight end Cory Harkey missed practice for the second straight day with a case of food poisoning.

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  • BruinFaithful

    NO Practice until Sunday? So, only Tues., Wed., and Thurs. practice? Only 3 days of practice? WTF? With a Thurs. game coming up?

    This must be “F’n Dancing with the Stars.”

  • Tony G

    “Nelson Rosario tweaked his ankle in Tuesday’s practice and hasn’t been much of a factor the last two days.”

    Actually, he hasn’t been much of a factor all season, period.

  • Rick’s Bookie

    “Rosario hasn’t been much of a factor.”

    Then he is a perfect fit for the UCLA football team.

    And a future perfect fit for UCLA alumni.

  • ha ha ha

    Fauria wasn’t seen near Harkey’s food the last few days was he? ha ha ha

  • Anon


    Is Flowers at DE or DT?

  • Anonymous

    The NCAA limits practice time. We’re practicing the maximum number of hours and days allowed.

  • UCLArt

    Hey Rick the Troll-

    You ever hear of these UCLA alums:

    Ralph Bunche
    Jackie Robinson
    Jim Morrison
    Richard Heck
    Mike Davis
    Judy Chicago
    Charles Young

  • INawe

    @UCLArt: the trolls never listens to facts and logic. that is why they are trolls.


    Or Nelson Mandela?

  • TJ

    “..a future perfect…” WTF is that?
    Yup, sc troll alright.