Post-Practice Update

* A fairly typical Wednesday practice today, with good focus and a sharp passing game.

* Kevin Prince got the majority of reps at first-team quarterback, including the entire practice-closing two-minute drill. He looked really crisp today, as did Richard Brehaut.

* Kip Smith missed practice today again with a hip flexor injury, but Neuheisel said he expects him to be good for Saturday. Jeff Locke got more kicking reps as Joe Roberts remains out with a leg injury. UCLA also had a one-day tryout for Tyler Gonzalez, who is involved with the club soccer program at UCLA. Gonzalez had 22 PATs and six field goals as a senior at Fullerton High in 2006 and is a senior at UCLA. Neuheisel was pleased with his effort, which included a short field goal at the end of two-minute drill.
“By rule we can have a couple of day tryouts, so we’ll see how it works,” Neuheisel said.

* A ton of rotation today on the offensive line, including Brett Downey seeing some first-team reps at tackle throughout the day.

* Tony Dye was once again in a red no-contact jersey.

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  • Brock

    …majority of first reps … Majority of first … Majority of … MAJORITY. What the hell? Move ahead with Brehaut already! You say he makes the wrong reads over and over. There is only one thing that is going to help him out… And it’s practice! I’m starting to lose faith in my beloved bruins.

  • ucla34

    Jon. You cover the Bruins and see them on a regular basis. In your own opinion who do you think should be the starting qb? What are your thoughts on our qb situation ever since Case McNown left? Thanks.

  • Bruin Zealot

    I have to agree that we need to stick with one qb and give him the majority of the reps. I love K. Prince’s toughness, but he is too injury prone and a liability. Brehaut needs to be the guy and we need to stick with him and give him most of the work. Mediocrity will continue from that position if we can’t pick one.

  • The Blur

    Yeah, we should totally start Brehaut. Remember how he took Texas apart last year? Oh, wait.

    Wake up, people.

  • Brock

    I don’t seem to remember prince taking them apart either. are you implying we start franklin at qb?

  • The Blur

    I don’t know, Brock. Apparently I don’t remember, either. Whoever it was taking snaps, making the option reads, and running the offense – that’s who we should start. Maybe there’s some highlights somewhere so we can solve this mystery.

  • Brock

    ill just take some stats from last year.

    Prince: 42/94 384 yds 45% completion 3td/5int 79rat
    Brehaut: 119/212 1296 yds 56% completion 6td/7int 110rat

    i’ll roll my dice with brehaut.

  • samo hopar

    If only real games could be as simple as the statistics derived from them.

  • Brock

    you know what is simple? practicing with the same qb 90% of the time. maybe that is just over rated though. timing isn’t that important in football.

  • timmah

    You Prince backers are right, Brehaut obviously has a lot to learn, so Prince should get the majority of practice reps. Then when he gets hurt after three series, we can put in an unprepared Brehaut. You got any stats on that!?

  • samo hopar

    Even an average qb would’ve separated himself from Prince at this point. I mean, Prince is hurt more than he’s not. Breahaut has played in this system A LOT MORE than Prince. If he still hasn’t gotten it, guess what, he’s never going to get it. The SJSU game should’ve been his coming out party, instead his coach basically said he regressed. But I guess all of you know better.

  • Brock

    i want prince to pull ahead and be the quarterback we all want him to be just as much as the next guy… but if you want to talk about which qb is built better for the offense it is obviously brehaut… the guy is durable and that is exactly the kind of qb we need. prince simply just cannot seem to play in this position with all of the injuries we have dealt with.

  • John A. Burnett

    How about this, next practice take off the red no contact jerseys. Teach the defense how to tackle all the way to the ground. Then check the durability of the QBs. Why wait for games to cull the herd?

  • Mario DiLeo

    Club soccer team? You mean that Tyler Gonzalez wasn’t good enough to make the varsity? Hmmm…

  • Anon

    Prince’s often decision making to throw into double coverage is the one that the coaches think separate him from Brehaut…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Doubtful either qb evokes the fear of God right now in the Longhorn defense.
    Hopefully, it’s our D-line that reaps the headlines of spoiling the debut of young Case McCoy. That’s our best shot at victory … through our defense.
    This is a huge put-up or shut-up opportunity for Tressey & his gang to get the job done or be bullied around all season long.

  • The Blur

    Brehaut is better suited for the offense? You’re kidding, right? If you’re going to run a spread option, your qb needs to be a good running threat and make good option reads. Brehaut offers neither. He’s a better passer, but this isn’t a pro system, and let’s not confuse him with Troy Aikman.

    Truth is the best suited qb for this offense is wearing a red shirt while the coach’s career is circling the drain. Don’t know how much longer he can afford to wait to play the freshman. Prince continues to be a china doll, and Brehaut continues to be ineffective. I’ve seen this movie before.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mario, Gonzalez is trying out to be a placekicker on the football team, not a midfielder or a striker on the soccer team. He’s asked to kick a football through the upright. He’s not asked to do any fancy footwork to get around some defenders and then try to beat the goalkeeper.

  • I love Richard, but I’m so sick and tired of the same crap every week “who’s gonna be the QB” our backfield is doing a great job, so whomever is the QB will do a good job, if it’s Richard, great, if it’s Kevin great, just win the effing game on Saturday and whomeve the QB is that day – if we win, stick with him.

  • Anonymous2

    Well, Tyler Gonzalez is an athlete. He ran Cross Country, played football and soccer in high school. Oh, and was a pretty darn good catcher and leadoff hitter in little league for the West Fullerton Rockies….Great job Tyler…Now run the bases!!!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Great. Maybe Gonzalez can moonlight on the diamond w/Brehaut after football is done.

  • Anon

    CRN’s Prince is back as the starter! Get a room!

  • Pyperkub

    Prince is our best QB option. IF he’s healthy and gets a FULL week of practice in. His failures stem from not practicing and then playing, and getting hurt. If he’s healthy he’s our best guy right now. Can he start and finish though? HUGE question. Fortunately Brehaut has improved enough to be a strong #2, capable of challenging for the #1 slot, because Prince hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Since Prince has been healthy enough to practice all week, he really should start, and heck, it certainly seems as if Brehaut plays better coming off the bench in relief this year.

  • Dean

    Yeah. Prince looks like a better starter and Brehaut looks like a better backup. Brehaut does NOT look like a better starter. He’s had plenty of time to establish himself as the starter, but instead tries to play baseball?

    Prince’s injuries have been bad luck. Anyone would have gotten hurt if they fell on their head. You could argue that he put himself in that situation, but that’s the offense.

    Fortunately, we have a pretty good backup. But, the offense looks a bit one dimensional when Brehaut is in there. They definitely close half of the playbook. This looks a lot better for a backup, but kills you as a starter, when a team has a full week to prepare. I don’t think more practice is the answer. I think we should just leave it as is. Prince is the starter, the only reason why he is not is because he’s coming off an injury.

    I would be surprised if he gets hurt again this season, so hopefully, we don’t have to have this argument every week. He was off to his best start against Houston.

    But, I agree, he needs to lay off those cover-2 sideline throws into double coverage. That’s a tough read even for pros.

  • Anon

    @Dean. Prince looks like a better starter? Since when? he can’t stay on the field to show anything. All I see is the 347th rated QB in the NCAA last season. All I see is an interception heavy QB who passes for 45%. All I see is a QB with a 4 yard/attempt average.

  • Dean

    We run an option offense.
    Passing statistics should not be used to measure the QB position in one.

    Ever hear of Tommie Frazier? Google him please then have an opinion.