Martin hire official

A UCLA spokesman just announced the hiring of former Washington coach Demetrice Martin to the UCLA coaching staff, and he said Jim Mora will have a statement later today.

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  • Mayor McCheese

    Negotiations are ongoing with the Towel Waver!

  • TruBruin

    Please tell me Nora has fired that Breckinfield…….Brackenfield…….whatever. That moron destroyed our vauted defensive line in one frickin year. Every guy on that line took a major step backwards last season!

  • Anonymous

    With UCLA academic requirements Mora needs to look at Standford as a model. He needs to recruit on a national level. He needs to hire assistant coaches that can recruit nationally, not just Southern Cal. Some of the players that could get in SMU and ASU may not be able to get in at UCLA academically.

  • cedar_23

    I don’t recall this much excitement over assistant coaches since Norm Chow.

    How come coach Neuheisel didn’t bring in guys like these before?

  • ender


    When you’re not thrilled about the head coach as a hire, you’re praying the assistant coaches pan out. It can lead to a slight hysteria.

  • Coach Thom

    Man oh man. The trolls are showing their desperation. I love the smell of panic in the morning!!!

  • Bruintx

    it smells like… victory šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Hiring great assistant coaches wasn’t the problem in Neuheisel’s era. Chow and Walker were good starts, just as Mora’s hires are good starts. Where it leads will be the key difference.

    I’d think USC would want UCLA to get better. Better competition makes everyone better.

    Good Luck Coach Mora!

  • RickBruin

    don’t forget we got Chow on the cheap, since he was getting a payout from the remainder of his NFL gig.

    UCLA’s assistant coach situation has been a revolving door for years… let’s hope that’s over with