Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) What was your opinion of the process in which Mora was hired? Did you get the sense that Guerrero was caught off guard having to fire Neuheisel and then not being ready to conduct a national coaching search? – UCLA Med
I think Guerrero held on hope for a long time that Neuheisel would turn things around, and perhaps was not “cutthroat” enough. But I don’t think he was “caught off guard.” I think UCLA is a complicated job – tons of potential, but plenty of barriers to that potential – and that affected the search. I also think people got way too excited about Petersen, both inside and outside of the program.

2) In retrospect, did the football team have a harder schedule than initially anticipated? – Anonymous
No, I don’t think so. Houston turned out better than anyone expected, but for the most part, most of UCLA’s opponents were roughly as advertised. The Bruins definitely caught a couple teams at the wrong times though.

3) Jon, what type of offense do you foresee Mora running? Pro style, spread, or something else? – Bruinboomboom
He’s saying he wants to run a pro-style, but I Noel Mazzone is more of a spread guy, or at leat he definitely has been at Arizona State, so I think there will be many different looks.

4) Jon you’re good…i asked when is ucla going to get a football coach and within days after posting my question, our prayers were answered…now to another question…will Coach Mora find an NFL coach to bring his defensive skills to UCLA?…THANKS!- Bruincheerleader
Mora said most of the rest of his staff will be in place after Jan. 1, so I’d imagine he’ll take a good look at the NFL ranks.

5) Any possibility of hiring Ken Norton Jr. back to his alma mater? – Jono
I would be very surprised by that.

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  • camobmus

    Did Reeves drive Carlino out of the program?

  • BruinPain


    Mark Carlino, Matt Carlino’s dad, drove that bus.

  • BruinFaithful

    @ BruinPain and Camobus

    Ben Howland’s lack of playing time for Carlino paved the road for that bus.