Post-practice update

* Not much to really update today, as the Bruins practiced in shells today.

* Jim Mora said he knew what the quarterback rotation and distribution of reps would be, but he didn’t want the players to know, so he didn’t reveal the reps.

* There was a lot of scout team work today as it appeared the staff wanted to get the team as healthy as possible going into Saturday.

* Devin Lucien returned quickly from the ankle injury that looked so bad on Tuesday.

* Jeff Baca also returned from the flu, and Darius Bell got some more run today and might be able to contribute on Saturday.

* Dalton Hilliard spent the day at safety again, and had dropped an interception, followed by a nifty breakdance. Then he dropped down for some pushups unprompted.

* Perhaps the highlight of the day was Joe Roberts, who prolonged practice by making kick after kick, including 5-of-5 to start.