UCLA players on national watch lists

As expected, those UCLA football players coming off big 2011s are getting some recognition.

Senior running back Johnathan Franklin has been named to the Maxwell Award watch list, given to to the nation’s top college football player.

Senior tight end Joseph Fauria was named to the Mackey Award watch list, which goes to the best tight end.

And this morning, senior punter Jeff Locke was named to the Ray Guy Award watch list for what feels like the 47th consecutive year, though he’ll be attempting to the top punter prize for the first time. As a freshman, he got the closest, being named one of 10 semifinalists.

As more of the preseason watch lists roll out, more Bruins will be named.

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    Wow, finally a posting on this site, which make two in one-week.

    I guess that is why this blog’s inmates continue to cross over to Wolf’s SC blog. Wolf makes sure he posts something every day, even if it is largely nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    jon –
    you should start making stuff up to keep these ADD readers stimulated. Examples :

    University officials have identified the pebble that has caused all of the injuries on Spaulding Field.

    Josh Smith autographed oxygen tanks will be given to the first 100 fans at every home game this year.

    God confirms that UCLA Football just isn’t a high priority for Him.

  • Charles C. Bucket

    Jeff Locke is going to have a lot of opportunities to exhibit his skills…

  • Coach Thom

    Why, oh why, do I keep stumbling back to this site? Oh, yes…it’s the wry comments by dissatisfied posters. I particularly like the effort by ‘Anonymous’. Keep making me laugh, guys. I need it bad!

  • Bruintx

    I agree. Most “Anon” posts are worthless crap, but today’s Anon did put a smile on my face… especially the God one. That was a good one. šŸ™‚

  • Coach Thom

    Where are the posts regarding Falah’s commitment to $UC? Did he choose the right program for him? Is Klemm crapping himself? Will we try even harder now for Morris?

  • Coach Thom

    Hey, Jon. Will the commitments of Rodgers and Vanderdoes to USC have any negative effect on our recruitment results? Will all the remaining top-tier recruits in California suddenly storm the USC administration building demanding to be signed up before the ‘sanctions’ start taking effect? What are your personal and professional feelings about the smashing success of USC’s 2013 recruiting efforts? Can UCLA ever recover from this colossal slap in the face?! What are Coach Jim’s thoughts? Is he upset or mildly concerned? Does Coach Adrian have any alternative plans re potential recruits? Is there any possibility that some of the USC commits change their minds before next Feb? Do you think any of our current commits will suddenly switch to USC? Is money being exchanged between the USC football program and agents, players, and/or parents of players? Will USC be rated Number One for the next decade? And lastly, what is REALLY the best Tex-Mex restaurant in So Cal? I’m in need of a fabulous combination plate of tacos, enchiladas, and burritos.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Well, I agree with Be Real, Wolf’s blog is largely nonsense. That said, though, this blog might benefit if some of that coolsub/twitter energy was rechanneled in this direction. I’m sure chatting with your chums about karaoke is important stuff to you but it does nothing for me and the extended periods of hibernation does nothing to retain, let alone build, your readership here. Take it for what it’s worth. No skin off my nose.

  • scidiot

    Pac-12 is very lucky SC has only 18 scholarships to give. UW seems to be the main beneficiary at this point. Mora needs to step up his game.

  • ucla34

    Be Real, should Jon also comment on the cheerleaders’ conditioning drills and how many times a week they practice!? Don’t let the door hit you in th @ss! Now that this joke is over with, Ucla finishes the season 10-2, goes to the Rose Bowl, wins, Hundley named a Freshman All American, and Mora wins coach of the year! Ucla dynasty starts again and by the time the playoffs begin, Ucla will be mumber #1 just like it was the 1st time the BS, i mean BCS gave it’s first ranking. As it rightfully should be! UCLA F-F-F!!!!

  • Excellent posts by everyone, but my favorite is the one by ucla 34
    UCLA fight!!! fight!!! fight!!!