Day 5 of Fall Camp from San Bernardino ….


*There was no live tackling in the first day of full pads. It was more about getting used to them on the first day for them, so expect a bit more action come Thursday’s first two-a-day. The first session begins at 8:30 a.m. and the second session is scheduled for 5 p.m. UCLA coach Jim Mora feels that schedule will better suit the Bruins in regards to the heat, saying that the cooler weather will help. But really at this point players and coaches are getting used to the heat, and so are we.

**Mora wouldn’t say during what session the team would wear pads. “Either in the morning or in the evening,” he said.

***Offensive linemen Greg Capella, Jeff Baca and Brett Downey did not practice, giving the defensive line the upper hand. Taylor Lagace recorded a virtual sack and the pressure forced an interception by Anthony Jefferson off Mike Fafaul. Johnathan Franklin also fumbled off his knee and Daton Jones forced a fumble recovered by Eric Kendricks during 11-on-11. Kevin Prince had a heated exchange with Aaron Hester after he tackled then pushed a receiver to the ground. Prince took issue with that and reamed him. But Prince was average during his reps. Jerry Neuheisel also got in the mix and connected on a 40-yard touchdown pass to a speeding Darius Bell. Neuheisel ala Mark Sanchez spread his arms and raced to the end zone to celebrate with Bell. Brett Hundley did not take part.

****There’s still no update on tackle Torian White who left practice over the weekend with chest pains. LB Patrick Larimore, as expected, did not practice after suffering a concussion on Monday. LB Anthony Barr had a cast wrapped around his left hand after suffering an injury to his left pinky knuckle. He practiced in full pads. WR Jerry Johnson left in the middle of practice after suffering a mild groin strain. S Dalton Hilliard practiced but left after pursuit drills. OL Alberto Cid left practice after he got hit in the head. No concussion, so he should be fine. WR Ricky Marvray will see more time at practice on Thursday. Mora said DT Ellis McCarthy’s knee is improving very well but gave no indication on his return.

*******Ahmad Harris continues to make strides. He impressed during scissor routes, making several nice catches to the sideline. Shaq Evans, Devin Lucien and Jerry Rice Jr. lead the group but keep an eye on Kenny Walker, Javon Williams and Jordan Payton, all who bring versatility to a group that may also include Darius Bell’s speed. Mora talks about the group in the video above and here below is a video of Williams. Making this a short post. Long day tomorrow. Leaving the house at 7 a.m. and will try to be home, hopefully, by 9 p.m.

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  • anonymous

    Thanks for the great update, Miguel. What is going on with Zumwalt? Been to the practices the last several
    days and he is not playing. Saw him today on the sidelines in street clothes. Can we
    get an update on him.


    Some of the posters have already started on Miguel. I would invite them to tune in to Scott Wolf and see how thorough, intensive and thoughtful his commentary is on the SC practices. Wolf mails it in, Miguel is working hard to make an impression.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the updates. Any word on Jeremy Castro yet? Even what the holdup is or expected time frame.

  • vvvbj

    thanks for all the effort and posts, even though you don’t get the recognition (Still called Inside UCLA with John Gold, not Miguel Melendez)

  • Anonymous

    What did you mean by “Hundley did not take part”? Did you mean that he did not take part in the celebration, or that he did not take part in practice? If the latter, why did he not practice?

  • bruinbiochem06


    Hope you’re enjoying your job as much as we’re enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work.

  • VB

    While Miguel is indeed doing very well so far, let us remember that this is how Jon started out when he was trying to make a good impression and when he still had a passion for the new job. Let’s see how Miguel does when he starts getting annoyed with us fans and our team is struggling midway through the season.

    Anyway, nice to see Jill’s pretty face in the Mora video. I was getting tired of looking at that Montreal Expos hat guy.

  • Miguel Melendez

    I meant to say Brett Hundley didn’t take part in that particular drill.

    As for the beat, I honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen. But I feel like I’m only getting started. As for the commenters, it’s all good. I have thick skin, literally and figuratively.

  • Dave

    I really enjoy the detail you give Miguel. By the way daily news needs to get you a hotel room in san berdo. That’s to long of a drive to take daily

  • Bruintx

    “Us” fans?? Most of “us” fans are civil and appreciative of those on the Daily News staff who spend a lot of time and effort on Inside UCLA. Its only the jerks who whine and cause the problems (Bruins Nation wannabes)… and they are in the minority of “us” fans. Yea, you know who you are!

  • Anonymous

    Why are the video interviews always ending early. Are you doing teasers for a pay subscription thing?

  • Miguel Melendez

    Dave: At first I thought a hotel woulda been nice too but I couldn’t bare the thought of being away from the comfort of my home that long if I could help it. The only thing I know that will be a little tough is that I sleep late, so a 6 am wake up for someone who hits the sack at 3 am is a challenge. And thanks for the kind remarks. Like I said, it’ll only get better.

    Thanks to all the other UCLA fans who have left compliments on here. I’ve met some of you in person and nice of you to find me and wanna strike up a conversation. On the flip side I value input so keep them coming.

    Anonymous: I think the fade I add on the videos near the end of the clip is what you’re hearing. My intent is not to cut the interviews short. I’ll work on it.

  • Anonymous

    grammar correction (spelling?) – “couldn’t *bear* the thought…”