• VB

    Pretty sad when Oregon freaking State has two 100 yard practice fields and we are still confined to an 80 yard, former pot-hole infested, turf-toe inducing, fifth-metatarsel breaking lawn bowling field.

    The success that Jim Mora is having and will have at UCLA will be IN SPITE of the leadership at the athletic department, not because of them.

  • the gardner

    What a beautiful practice field!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan Guerrero for hiring Coach Mora. You are doing an excellent job.

  • Derp

    VB needs attention! VB needs attention!

    I guess that’s fine and all but imho complaining makes a much better impact when the team is not playing its best ball in a while.

    If you must complain, however, use your 7th grade style enthusiasm to come up with something on your own instead of parroting the vitriol of countless other misguided knuckleheads? Originality counts…

    When was the last time a football team practiced an 90 or 100 yard drive? The 2 minute drill at the end of practice is the only time it might matter and those usually start at the 20 anyway…

  • Bruintx

    Well said Derp!!

  • Pyperkub

    One would suspect that 100yds of property costs significantly less in Corvallis than Westwood.

  • Jeff Decker

    100 yds is also much more plentiful in Corvallis. Maybe even 100 acres.

    VB, for God’s sake don’t give a pat on the back to success. Sounds like BN lab rat mentality.

    BTW, it’s nice to see a beat writer doing a nice job. Researching the rest of the conference.

  • Anonymous

    If we had a 100 yard practice field, the D could have practiced against 90+ yard runs by the QB. Martinez would probably never have scored that TD!

  • VB


  • Coach Thom

    VB is only pointing out the obvious. A 120 yard practice field (regulation 100-yard playing field and 2 ten-yard end zones) would definitely improve our football team. If would be particularly useful for our place kickers, especially when they have to attempt field goals longer than 85 yards. Also, forcing our players to sprint the entire 120 yards would improve their fitness and stamina. This would mean that our D-backs might be able to catch world-class sprinters such as Taylor Martinez even though they have already crossed the goal line. Moral victories are important, you know. Keep up the good advice and constructive criticism, VB.

  • Anon

    If our players need to practice sprints, we have Drake. The 80 yard field isn’t a problem that can’t be worked through. Mora says it is fine, and I’ll take that.

  • Roose Bolton

    I wonder if we had a 100 yard field, Franklin would have even more than 450 yards rushing?????? What you say VD?????