(Bi-)Weekly Q&A — 7/15/13

A little late, but leave your questions here and I’ll have answers tomorrow.

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  • Bobby Smith

    If you had to guess the success of the new basketball coaching staff versus Howlands (Way Worse, Worse, Same, Better, Way Better)

    Strength / Fitness
    Offensive Scheme / Execution
    Defensive Scheme / Execution
    Public Relations
    Generation of NBA’ers

    What does your gut tell you about Alford and staff

  • Les Sakai

    In your opinion, is any of the hyped up hysteria on certain Bruin blogsites about Steve Alford’s lucrative contract and his projected ability to succeed – 3 months before official practice even starts – justified, or do some bloggers simply have nothing better to do?

  • Les Sakai

    If you were head FB coach, heading into fall camp, what would be your 3 biggest concern areas fom a position and personnel perspective? And to what extent do you see potential silver lining?

  • sam

    Q1: How much do you hate your job?

    Q2: Will our O-Line actually be better this year? Or is it like every summer when the coaches/players rave about how much better EVERY unit looks?

  • Sam C

    Jack I am concerned we , or coach Alford, haven’t signed any basketball recruits let alone kids from LA. What is the deal?

  • Bruin 34

    How long do you think it will be before UCLA starts competing for national championships on a regular basis? Is Mora in for the long haul?

  • 92104bruinfan

    Any glimmer of hope that DirecTV and the Pac12 Network strike a deal before the 2013 football season kicks off?

  • Marc

    In your opinion, is the football team improving over these summer months? When coach Mora came to UCLA he talked about being a year-round program.

    Do you see that happening? And, are you seeing any tangible results (bigger, stronger, faster)?