Injury report: Left tackle Simon Goines fractured fibula

Left tackle Simon Goines is done for the season after fracturing his right fibula. He had surgery done Sunday morning at around 8 a.m., and will not be able to put weight on it for eight weeks.

He had returned to the starting lineup Saturday night after missing four games with an injured MCL, and his absence again forces three true freshmen onto UCLA’s first-string offensive line. The unit had one of its worst showings of the season against Arizona State, allowing nine sacks. Head coach Jim Mora said that after looking at film, quarterback Brett Hundley would have had a hard time avoiding most of those even with an early throw or run.

USC’s defensive front is just as impressive than the Sun Devils’. The Trojans have 32 sacks on the season to ASU’s 34, and are slightly ahead with 82 tackles for loss to 77.

— Receivers Grayson Mazzone and Darren Andrews will both have surgery for torn knee ligaments. Mazzone, a senior, tore his ACL, MCL and meniscus. Andrews, who has four catches as a true freshman, suffered a lateral meniscus tear.

Little-used receiver Tyler Scott also had surgery on his wrist.

— Receiver Devin Fuller sat out against ASU with a strained hamstring, but UCLA coach Jim Mora said the sophomore has a “really good shot” to play at USC. The slot receiver is second on the team with 40 receptions, 453 yards and four touchdowns.

— Cornerback Fabian Moreau exited Saturday’s loss early with a pulled hamstring, and spent most of the game on a bike. He is questionable against USC. Safety Randall Goforth moved to cornerback for part of the game in relief duty.

— Backup quarterback Jerry Neuheisel’s thumb surgery earlier this month has now knocked him out of holding duties. Punter Sean Covington held field goals for Ka’imi Fairbairn on Saturday.

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  • CaliGrown

    Looks like all Offensive Line positions will be open to competition next season. That is of course if XSF comes back. He will get first dibs’

  • Bruin 34

    I hope we won’t be too decimated with injuries next year. Last year it wasn’t too bad but it came back with a vengeance this year. I wonder what might have been with a healthy squad. Jordan James loss and our o lineman getting hurt. Cost us big time this year!

    • gotroy22

      Is that your excuse after you lose to us Saturday?

      • GoodTry

        Verb tenses: learn them

      • LTEfan

        “you” and “us” — didn’t realize that players frequented this board

  • Mark

    Well the new strength and conditioning coach is a failure. Way too many injuries and too many do the same old foot and ankle injuries that have decimated the team over the years.

    • Joe Blow

      Boo hoo. Excuses. Excuses.

      • LTEfan

        Serious question — why is USC playing 13 games during this regular season? Isn’t there a 12-game limit, not counting a conference title game?

        • drakejr

          NCAA grants permission to play an extra game if you play Hawaii on the road.

          • LTEfan

            Interesting, thanks

          • anno nimus

            nice way to get an extra win, schedule Hawaii on the road.

          • gotroy22

            No one is stopping the gutties from doing it, your AD is too stupid to think of it.

    • maze949

      How was the basketball game tonight, Mark? 5 games in, looks like you haven’t been to one yet. Hmm, curious for a “season ticket-holder”…

    • jameskatt

      Strength and conditioning can only do so much. The bodies of many of our players can’t take the stress of playing football at the level we are aiming for.

      As we recruit and build up our stockpile of great players, our injury rate will go down. The better NFL-quality players simply don’t get injured as often. And they don’t get seriously injured.

      Football is a combat-style collision sport. So injuries are common. The players sacrifice years of their lives to play the sport. Just look at how the average NFL player only lives until their 50s.

      The teams with the better players get fewer injuries. Their stronger bodies and their aggressive style of play causes injuries to their opponents. That is why the top teams like Alabama can stay on top year after year without being decimated by injuries.

    • LTEfan

      How does strength and conditioning prevent sprained ankles and torn knee ligaments?

  • EncinitasBruin

    Please Mr. Mora, allow our man Jack to play LB this week. We need him more on D than O. Also, we can still use him strategically on O (6-7 carries).

    • Cheap seats

      Yes..please limit his play at RB against my boys. =) The guy reminds me of Bo JACKson with his speed and power.

      I have to admit that a low scoring / ball control game actually favors USC. Fast RBs in spread offenses have torched SC defenses the past few years.