Full terms of Jim Mora’s UCLA contract extension

The details of Jim Mora’s new extension with UCLA were reported earlier this week, but here is the amended contract in full for anyone that prefers all the nitty gritty.

The main points:

— Mora will make $21 million through the 2019 season, a $3.5 million per-year average that puts him behind only Washington coach Chris Petersen among Pac-12 public schools. He can earn up to $930,000 in performance bonuses.

— An additional $1.1 million is available for assistant salaries, with another $200,000 on top of that in 2015.

— All buyouts are waived if UCLA has not started construction on its new football facility by Oct. 1, 2015.

You can read through the contract after the jump.

Jim Mora's 2013 UCLA contract extension by thejackwang