Asiantii Woulard picks USF after transferring out of UCLA

Former UCLA quarterback Asiantii Woulard has decided to transfer to South Florida — the school he first committed to as a four-star recruit.

Once named the Elite 11 Camp MVP, Woulard never appeared in a game as a Bruin. After a promising fall camp in 2013, he fell to third-string on the depth chart behind Brett Hundley. He has yet to appear in a college game.

Woulard first committed to USF in February 2012, then decommitted two months later. He changed his mind again in June — then parted ways with the Bulls in December before signing with UCLA.

  • ProbationU

    Best of luck to him!

  • MPPBruin

    Good for him. It’s always nice to come home.

  • EncinitasBruin

    I hope you tear it up for the Bulls, Asiantii. Best wishes to you.

  • drakejr

    I wish him the best. I really wanted him to be our next QB before Rosen came on the scene. I hope he gets a chance to prove everybody he is as good as many of us believe he is.

    • Laker Rod

      Same here. Hey ProbationU and TommyBLow us…it appears others felt the same way about Woulard being the QB first before Rosen.

      I think the concern we should have is why this coaching staff…especially Noel Mazzone’s son was not able to develop Asianti Woulard in the 2.5 years he had him. On top of this…if Woulard wasn’t developing then why did UCLA take Aaron Sharp who already appears to have moved to wide receiver.

      • ProbationU

        He didn’t say that Rod. Read again. You don’t comprehend well. He said “I really wanted him to be our next QB before Rosen came on the scene.”

        A lot of us thought he was the next QB before Rosen came on the scene. The fact is, Rosen came on the scene and was better than Woulard. Now whether or not it was because of Taylor Mazzone or Woulard’s own lack of understanding the position, we don’t know. But, speculate all you want. The reality is that Rosen was better and Woulard transferred. Deal with it.

        • Tommy B Low Us

          Slacker rod is not a fan. He is a clown college troll. The lowest of the low…a clown college troll. The guy has zero reading comprehension skills and just likes to come on here trolling. If everyone ignores this half wit. He will just go away like all the other clown college morons.

          • ProbationU

            He isn’t a clown college troll. He is just a little insignificant kid trying to impress everyone with his football knowledge. He knows way too many insignificant UCLA football players from the past to be from SC. However, his reasoning makes sense only to him in his little world and he can’t tell a talented QB from a scrub. Funny little troll, albeit unintentional.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!! Need help again. Can’t fight your own battles. Typical.

          • ProbationU


          • Laker Rod

            I am one of the 10% smart fans. It’s proven. You’re in the idiot 90% fans…it’s proven.

            And your poll is nonsense…because 90% of you idiots don’t even know the meaning behind. You still can’t figure it out even after I have pointed it out to you.

            Let me put it to you this way. 2012 was Mora’s first year. He had a free pass. I challenged you to name the games UCLA would have won or lost in 2012 if Prince or Brehaut was the QB vs Hundley. Hundley could have played in relief.

            Since I know you won’t do it since you’re such an idiot and know you are in the wrong…I will do it for you:

            Game 1 at Rice – UCLA would have won this game with Prince or Brehaut and you know it. 1-0
            Game 2 Nebraska – I’ll give this a loss for UCLA but it could have been a win. The problem you idiots don’t understand is that you think of the redshirt frosh or sophmore or junior Prince vs that of a senior. 1-1
            Game 3 Houston. UCLA would have won with any QB. 2-1
            Game 4 Oregon State – No reason why Prince or Brehaut couldn’t have won. Hundley lost. 2-2. I’ll give Prince/Brehaut loss also
            Game 5 – Colorado. UCLA would have won 3-2
            Game 6 – The infamous Cal game where Hundley threw 3 interceptions. Prince or Brehaut would not have. UCLA would have won. Cal scored off of so many turnovers. 4-2
            Game 7 -11. UCLA won 5 games in a row. Let’s say UCLA went 3-2 with either Prince or Brehaut. 7-4
            UCLA wouldn’t have been in the Pac-12 South championship. UCLA ended up losing the last game anyhow to Stanford with Hundley so let’s give Prince/Brehaut the loss too. 7-5

            UCLA would have been in a lesser bowl game and win and finished 8-5. Prove to me otherwise this would not have happened you moron.

            UCLA would have been more hungry for the next season and Hundley raring to go. Hundley would have been more prepared and would have better learned what not to do. Less true frosh would have played in 2012 and they would have been redshirt freshmen in 2013. And what I mean by “redshirting” is that these guys are seriously working out. They are on a different program than guys that need to play on Saturday.

            I have no doubt in my mind that UCLA would have won the Pac-12 South in 2013 or 2014…and if not…good chance Hundley stays for 2015. There you have you idiot.

            The above is the way it should happen. This is how UCLA can and should win a conference title. It needs guys to be committed and staying.

            You can argue and think otherwise but so far…your way and the way the coaches have been doing it has not led to any championships so perhaps it’s time for a change. Got it? IDIOT!

          • Tommy B Low Us

            You want a cookie? Tell your mommy I said hi.

          • Laker Rod

            Lame but what do you expect from a low life who thought Ellis McCarthy redshirted. LOL!!!

          • Tommy B Low Us

            You are the idiot with no reading comprehension skills and thinks brehuat should have started over Hundley. Clueless clown college troll. We are laughing at you not with you. Go back to south central.

          • Laker Rod

            How on earth could you think Ellis McCarthy redshirted? LOL!!!

            You’re not a fan. You’ve proven what an idiot you are.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            We all know what an idiot you are. Slacker rod says…Brehaut should have started over Hundley. LOL! What an idiot.

          • Laker Rod

            What year did Ellis McCarthy redshirt again? Tell us all. Come on Tommy. LOL!!!!

          • Laker Rod

            I’m not an SC fan you idiot. Maybe you are? You’re the idiot who can’t even follow the UCLA players. Ellis McCarthy redshirted per you. OMG. How dumb can you be. Wow. So sad UCLA has dumb fans like you. LOL!!

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Only a low life would start brehuat over Hundley. Clueless idiot you are.

          • Laker Rod

            Only an idiot would think Ellis McCarthy redshirted. LOL!!!

            HA HA HA!!!!! Unbelievable we have stupid Bruin fans like you. Actually not unbelievable. Sad is more like it.

          • ProbationU

            I will ignore your continued use of the word idiot and assign it to the fact that you are ignorant.

            You said, “UCLA would have been in a lesser bowl game and win and finished 8-5. Prove to me otherwise this would not have happened you moron.”

            One cannot prove or disprove something that did not happen. Hence you did not PROVE anything nor can I disprove it because you are arguing something that didn’t happen. And, you can never prove what would have happened. It is simply your theory or opinion, but not a fact. You often confuse those two because you aren’t very smart.

            It sounds as if you believe Hundley was actually better but you think he would have developed more by sitting on the bench and learning more and stayed around another year. Interesting and flawed theory bordering on pure fantasy.

            Let’s look at the possibilities of what else could have happened:

            The entire team would have known that their new coaching staff was not playing the best QB and giving them the best chance to win. It could have been a cancer on the team and bred disloyalty. It would have hurt every senior on the team by not focusing on winning NOW.

            Brett Hundley could have felt betrayed if it was clear he should have been the QB (and ALL reports said it WAS clear) and he may have transferred away to be treated fairly.

            You argue that we would have beaten Cal. However, we hadn’t won in Berkeley since 1998 and I doubt that Brehaut or Prince would have reversed that.

            We would have lost again to SC. We had just lost 50-0. That would have set our recruiting back again. The victory helped recruiting and excited the fan base.

            Those are some my thoughts and opinions. They can’t be proven. Nor can yours. Time to stop confusing your “OPINION” with actual fact. Got it?

          • Laker Rod

            Stupid idiot. I listed out all the games for you and you cannot deny UCLA could have gone 8-5.

            Why would Hundley feel betrayed? He was waiting his turn and he needed to get better learning how to throw the ball deep which he never did.

            In the end….we know the facts. NO UCLA championships. Deal with it…you freakin’ idiot.

          • ProbationU

            You should really work on your reading skills. It is a big problem. I never said they COULD or COULDN’T have gone 8-5. I said you cannot PROVE it. You cannot prove something that did not happen. You fail to understand that simple concept. Check the definitions for the words proof, opinion and fact. It might be of some benefit.

            For example, UCLA also COULD have gone undefeated or they could have gone 5-8. Hundley COULD have transferred if he didn’t get the job. Since he was clearly MUCH BETTER than Brehaut or Prince, what idiot would ask him to wait his turn. Oh, I think you answered that already! His turn arrived. He was already the best, BY FAR. THAT is why he MIGHT have transferred.

            I can deal with the fact that UCLA hasn’t won a PAC-12 Championship. I can also deal with the fact that UCLA is closer than we were prior to Mora and that Mora has won close to 75% of his games. It has been quite a turnaround. I can also deal with your insipid answers and childish insults. I just consider the source.

          • Clown U

            You are very frustrated. SC has a psych department you can visit. Maybe they can fix your ticks.

          • Laker Rod

            Back to the name calling. This from the idiot who thought Ellis McCarthy redshirted. LOL!!! What a moron. You’re living proof you don’t follow the team very well. Stay away. You add nothing of value.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Better get some reading comprehension skills. Also while you are at it, get a life.

          • Laker Rod

            I have a good life. You’re the idiot who thought Ellis McCarthy redshirted. LOL!! You have no life. What an embarrasement. How on earth could you have thought McCarthy redshirted. You’re obviously not a true football fan. I even tried to correct you but yet you still insisted McCarthy redshirted. LOL!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Yep no reading comprehension skills at all. Better get your SC tutor to help you. Cry on fool

          • Laker Rod

            You don’t know UCLA football. You claimed Ellis McCarthy redshirted. Ha ha ha!!!

            And you must have been one of those poor babies who got beat up by an SC guy. LOL!!!

            I don’t even care for USC so cry on yourself loser.

            How on earth could you think McCarthy redshirted. LOL!! Care to explain? 🙂

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Care to explain how you are clueless. I think everyone here considers you a joke. Seriously get a life. You come on a rival blog and act like a child.

          • Laker Rod

            Care to explain why you thought Ellis McCarthy redshirted? LOL!!!!

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Care to explain how you are not an idiot and a child?

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! I’ll tell you why you thought Ellis McCarthy redshirted.

            The answer is….

            YOU ARE AN IDIOT! LOL!!!!

          • Tommy B Low Us

            I’ll tell you why you are an idiot. Because you no reading comprehension skills, and you are a clown college troll. Cry on…

        • Laker Rod

          There are two ways to read it. Don’t know which one it is. You could be right…could be wrong.

          Bottom line.. our coaches can’t recruit and develop a redshirt sophomore so we go with a true frosh. Doesn’t look good to me. If UCLA doesn’t win at least the Pac-12 South…season is a failure.

          And quit twisting my words around. I said Jerry Neuheisel looked the best in “passing” related to the you tube vids. What you idiots never factored was Woulard’s running abilities. Everything was based off of passing and that’s the way the coaches seemed to have went also. I repeat….we shall see how this turns out.

          There are no excuses for a poor season. With all the returning starters back.

          Will you admit your error? Highly unlikely. All you do is make up lies.

          • ProbationU

            Pretty simple to read, actually. When it says he wanted Woulard to be the QB before Rosen came on the scene, the implication is that it changed after Rosen came on the scene. But hey, I know reading isn’t your thing.

            Obviously our coached DID recruit the redshirt sophomore and he did not develop. Not all players develop and you have no idea why he didn’t.

            Also, you did state that you wanted Woulard to be the starting QB this upcoming season and that based upon watching YouTube you thought he was the best. Yes, you also stated that Neuheisel was throwing the best, which is a comical analysis as he has the weakest arm and cannot make all the throws.

            Now when us “idiots” factor in the best QB, we take in ALL facets of being the QB, including running. There are many factors, including but not limited to, leadership, knowledge of the offense, the ability to read the defense, throwing ability, running ability, decision making and the overall ability to move the chains. It is IMPOSSIBLE to look at all these things on YouTube, unless of course you are Laker Rod. Are you denying that you thought Asianti Woulard was the best QB for the Bruins this year? Because, that is the crux of the matter and that is no error and that is no lie.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Do they even teach reading comprehension at SC? I think slacker rod skipped class.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            We are all laughing at you, not with you. Slaker rod.

          • Laker Rod

            TommB Low Us – “Ellis McCarthy redshirted”.


          • Tommy B Low Us

            Yep you are an idiot. No doubt about it.

          • Laker Rod

            Hey Tommy. Ellis McCarthy played as a true frosh. He didn’t redshirt. You FAIL!

  • j metaphor

    Good luck A.W. Glad we won’t play against him.

  • BruinAZ

    I think that this going to prove a bigger loss than we can imagine right now. Its a shame, I think he would have seen quite a but of playing time this year. Good luck AW!

  • The Big Woof!

    Hopefully the things he learned in practices for us will transfer to the field at SoFla (USF is University of San Francisco and has been since well before South Florida ever existed). I don’t agree about him being a loss for us as he never developed into the quality qb that UCLA needs. Go Rosen!!

  • Clown U

    Check out my new helmet. It took several years or development and Haden’s input to design this thing. We are still coming out with a glow in the dark Trojan later this year.