VIDEO: Caleb Benenoch talks about state of UCLA offensive line

Junior Caleb Benenoch offered some interesting thoughts yesterday on the UCLA offensive line, including how he and his teammates might actually benefit from having a less mobile quarterback to protect.

A few other points from his media session:

— “Paul Perkins, in my opinion, is the best running back in the country. He does everything perfectly. There’s no gray area with him. It’s black and white. He just goes, every play.”

— Benenoch said he didn’t have a preference in the quarterback race, and that Jerry Neuheisel and “J-Chosen” are both making good plays in practice.

— Benenoch was mostly sidelined in spring camp recovering from a leg surgery, while offensive line coach Adrian Klemm was suspended until from March to June due to allegations of NCAA rules violations.

“It was kind of tough on both of us,” Benenoch said, “I’m happy he’s back. He’s our mentor. He’s like our big brother. He’s not that much older than we are. We have a lot of fun with him, he has a lot of fun with us. He pushes us to be the best that we can be, so I love having him back.”