UCLA LB Deon Hollins not happy with officiating in loss to WSU

UCLA linebacker Deon Hollins made this clear on Tuesday: He’s not happy with Pac-12 officiating.

Asked about what the Bruins could have done better in their 31-27 loss to Washington State, the junior said: “It’s really tough sometimes beating the referees and beating the other team. It’s really tough sometimes. We were just looking at it on film. There were so many missed things. I was appalled.”

Head coach Jim Mora had echoed those thoughts this weekend, saying that conference opponents have only been called for holding twice on UCLA’s passing plays this season. Hollins thinks the issue is disproportionately affecting the Bruins, rather than it being a case of holding not being called against anyone.

The junior said that WSU right tackle Cole Madison even admitted to holding him after the game: “He was just, ‘Oh, it was a rough night for me. I just couldn’t help but hold you the whole night.'”

“Maybe (we need to) send the refs a gift basket or something,” Hollins added. “I don’t know.”

  • MPPBruin

    I hate complaining about the refs, but you could count the times he got put into a half nelson while he was rushing the passer.

    • 88 Straight

      I agree and the non-calls were egregious as was the replay official. That being said, they should keep their comments private and send them to the league office. It simply comes off as whining and the refs did not cost us the game.

      1st and goal on the 2 with bad play calls coast us the game. 1st and goal and false starts cost us the game. Fielding a punt on the 3 year line cost us the game. All three of those were more costly than the officials.

      • MPPBruin

        Totally agree that players shouldn’t be talking about the refs. If anyone should do it, it should be Mora. I don’t even know if it makes sense for him to do it publicly.

        Special teams were generally atrocious, as they have been frequently this season. A blocked punt from Mengel and a kick off the side of Kenny Walker’s foot gave WSU great field position.

        I was hoping that the first drive that ended in a field goal wasn’t going to be an inauspicious way to start the game. Sadly, my intuition was correct. You just can’t have that many miscues against a pretty talented opponent and expect to win.

  • Laker Rod

    Still complaining about the refs? Come on.

    There is a good reason as to why Deon Hollins doesn’t get the holding calls. He’s simply too short and too small and still not strong enough to make the holding calls so obvious the refs have to call it.

    Hollins has gotten bigger, stronger, and better each year but he will never be an Anthony Barr due to his height and reach limitation as just a starting point.

    I’m not crazy about short outside pass rushers. The limit is like 6’1 with a long wing span. The best pass rusher who was short that I can think of was Teddy Bruschi. He’s 6’1 but he was around 240 to 245 in his college days. Hollins is an inch shorter and only 230 this year. He was like 218 as a true freshman and 225 as a true sophomore.

    I like the longer type OLB/DE’s like Bruce Davis at 6’3 or Barr 6’5/6’4 or Jamir Miller 6’4. Willie McGinest was like 6’6 over at SC.

    The best thing Hollins can do for now is reach out to Bruschi or some other shorter type pass rushers and ask them for advice. There has to be a way to make the hold more blatant and obvious.

    I think Hollins should move around more. He should line up wider at times and bait the left tackle into a false start. Anything to attract attention on his side can help.

    As for next year…Hollins simply has to get bigger. He needs to add a solid 10 to 15 lbs of muscle and be at like 245. Not sure if he really needs to be faster since he’s getting held all the time anyhow. Bottom line….Hollins should have redshirted.

    Can’t wait to see Kesean Lucier-South next year. I heard he’s up to 230 on his 6’5 or 6’6 frame. Hopefully by fall next year he’s up to 240.

    McKinley should also move to the outside vs playing the DT/DE spot.

    • Paul
      • 88 Straight

        Yeah, but if he was taller it would just be holding or strangling….and not illegal hands to the face.

      • Laker Rod

        Well…the refs didn’t call it. Try this. Imagine this was Anthony Barr who is 6’5/6’4. Think about where the O line’s arm would be…it would be much higher and much more noticeable and blatant. The O line guy wouldn’t even raise his arms that high…he would have to try and hold at the body level which he would have much less success and it would be easier for Barr to shove his arm away. Look at how high Hollins has to reach to try and do this.

        In addition…if this was Barr he would use his long wingspan to push off an offensive lineman and create more space and then accordingly the O line guys would be “reaching” back to hold. This would more likely get called also.

        Thanks for the pic because you exactly proved my point in how Deon Hollins is too short and too small at this point. Hollins should consider crouching way lower at times and going under…heck even dive and get back up.