UCLA LB Deon Hollins not happy with officiating in loss to WSU

UCLA linebacker Deon Hollins made this clear on Tuesday: He’s not happy with Pac-12 officiating.

Asked about what the Bruins could have done better in their 31-27 loss to Washington State, the junior said: “It’s really tough sometimes beating the referees and beating the other team. It’s really tough sometimes. We were just looking at it on film. There were so many missed things. I was appalled.”

Head coach Jim Mora had echoed those thoughts this weekend, saying that conference opponents have only been called for holding twice on UCLA’s passing plays this season. Hollins thinks the issue is disproportionately affecting the Bruins, rather than it being a case of holding not being called against anyone.

The junior said that WSU right tackle Cole Madison even admitted to holding him after the game: “He was just, ‘Oh, it was a rough night for me. I just couldn’t help but hold you the whole night.'”

“Maybe (we need to) send the refs a gift basket or something,” Hollins added. “I don’t know.”