UCLA picked as Olympic Village in L.A. bid for 2024 Summer Games

If Los Angeles wins its bid for the 2024 Olympics, UCLA will house the athletes.

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Monday that the campus is slated serve as the Olympic Village, the same role it served when the city last hosted the Summer Games in 1984. Preexisting facilities at USC, CSULA and UCSB were also used, which contributed to the event producing a $232.5 million surplus.

Los Angeles is competing with Rome, Paris and Budapest to host the 2024 games, with the International Olympic Committee set to make a decision next year.

  • EncinitasBruin

    SC gets the media, we get the athletes… Where would you rather stay? I was a student in ’84–lots of fun and no freeway traffic as a lot of Angelenos fled the city in fear of “nightmare traffic” that never materialized.

    • gotroy22

      Should be great for both campuses.

      • Gordo Albondigas

        Is that your opinion or the opinion of your employer (LA Daily News)?

        • gotroy22

          What does the Wookie Community think about it, Golly-Nerd?

          • Gordo Albondigas

            I’m guessing that even you know that you are an imbecile. Have fun defending Wott Scolf, a buffoon and despised by many.

  • SlipperyPete

    If LA wins the bid this is going have a huge impact on the campus and Westwood (not that it’s a bad thing). The idea that Westwood village is going to become some type of athlete party zone is ill informed. The security around the Athlete Village in past Olympics has made it kind of a dead zone. Also the organizers would rather have the athletes stay in the village rather than wander. Every country now establishes a “house” where the national committee hosts parties and events. Athletes are transported to these events from the village and back.