Quessenberry, McKinley, Brown earn All-Pac-12 first team honors

UCLA linebacker Jayon Brown, seen tackling Utah tailback Joe Williams last season, leads the Pac-12 with 97 tackles. (George Frey/Getty Images)

UCLA linebacker Jayon Brown, seen tackling Utah tailback Joe Williams last season, leads the Pac-12 with 97 tackles. (George Frey/Getty Images)

Despite only winning four games this year, UCLA landed six total players on All-Pac-12 teams on Tuesday, led by three on the all-conference first team and two offensive lineman who blocked for the second-worst rushing offense in the country.

Offensive lineman Scott Quessenberry was UCLA’s only offensive first-team member while defensive end Takkarist McKinley and linebacker Jayon Brown led the Bruins on defense.

Quessenberry returned this season after two shoulder surgeries to start every game at center. McKinley led the Bruins with 18 tackles for loss and 10 sacks in his senior season. Brown led the conference in tackling (119) and became the first Bruin since Erik Kendricks in 2014 to reach the 100-tackle mark.

Left tackle Conor McDermott and tight end Nate Iese were named to All-Pac-12 second team offense and linebacker Kenny Young made the second team cut on defense.

Receiver Darren Andrews, safeties Randall Goforth and Jaleel Wadood, cornerback Fabian Moreau and defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes earned honorable mention honors.

The all-conference teams were selected by the Pac-12 head football coaches.

Washington quarterback Jake Browning was named the conference’s offensive player of the year, while USC cornerback Adoree’ Jackson earned defensive player of the year.

USC quarterback Sam Darnold was the freshman offensive player of the year and UW defensive back Taylor Rapp earned defensive honors.

For leading Colorado from worst to first in the Pac-12 South, CU head coach Mike MacIntyre was voted coach of the year.

UW led all teams with nine first-team selections. USC was the next closest with four, although Jackson claimed two spots as a DB and a returner.

  • Laker Rod

    Quessenberry 1st team All conference but Bozo 88Straight tried to cover up his incompetency by trying to blame the inept offense on the offensive line personnel…especially Quessenberry when the true blame should go to inexperienced Kennedy Polamalu. LOL!!!

    Nothing ever goes right for 88Straight. HUMILIATED yet again.

    I wonder how 88Straight will try to explain this one away. LOL!! McDermott was 2nd team all conference too.

    Come on 88Straight enough. Just admit you were WRONG. KP was a bad hire for OC. It’s just that plain and simple. You just continually make a bigger FOOL of yourself.

    Also…no UCLA defensive back won 1st or 2nd team all conference but Ish Adams was 1st team All Conference in 2014. So much for the switch to offense. LOL!!! Wrong again. What a TOOL.

    You see…we have too many DUMMIES like yourself out there.

    • gotroy22

      Poor Kissy 86er will need a safe space and pet therapy and Play-Doh after that latest beat down!

    • Cali Man

      Adams didn’t even play CB this year and he was way better than all of the other ones except for Moreau. Rios has lost his touch and has washed out and Meadors keeps getting out ran.

      The line was at the fault of KP and Klemm as they did not find ways to improve the line which is inexcusable since they had big boys with experience and that goes 100% on the coaches.

      Still can’t believe fans like 88 thought it was a good idea to promote KP and to do a 180 switch on the offense.

      • gotroy22

        Kissy86er is as dumb as a stump.

  • 88 Straight

    As expected Laker Rod you forget your own comments regarding Quessenberry being worse than Brendel. Since the coaches are all dummies in your eyes, it all makes sense. They even put Ish Adams on the 1st team 2 years ago!! LOL

    Let us all know when you were praising Quessenberry during the year. I think it’s right next to a photo of Bigfoot riding a Unicorn.

    • gotroy22

      Kissy 86er thinks the coaches that brought ruins fans 4-8 are geniuses!

    • Laker Rod

      LOL!!! Deflecting from your own stupidity yet again.

      Face it. You claimed Quess was HORRIBLE. That’s the picture you painted. You blamed the entire offense issue on the offensive line originally. That is what you were arguing against with me and you know it.

      I said it was KP’s fault and the switch in offense. You tried to argue against this and blame everything else you could think of.

      KP got fired and deserved it. People know where the problem was.

      Quess earned 1st team all conference and McDermott 2nd team so it proves the O line was not as bad as you claimed you m0ron.

      And I already challenged previously related to Ish Adams. He wont 1st team All Conference in 2014 and not one single DB who you claimed earned the same honors in 2 freakin’ years! Again…you’ve been proven WRONG. Ish Adams should have stayed mainly on defense. Wake up. You’re an idi0t who is constantly proven WRONG.

      YOU have been WRONG like 20 times in a row now. You have not been right once. Not even ONE TIME and you know it. You cannot even deny it. You NEVER do.

      All you’re good for is your Walmart responses. LOL!! What a TOOL.

  • Coach Thom

    Good to see some Bruins winning accolades. All of the players entering the draft for 2017 have a humongous challenge facing them. Takk is the only player with a chance of being drafted. The rest will have to endure the task of winning over scouts who don’t have the faintest idea who they are. Anyway, good luck to Eddie, Conor, Fabian, Randall, and the rest.

    • 88 Straight

      Coach, I don’t think Takk is the only player with a chance of being drafted. He is the only player with a chance on day 1, IMO.

      From there it does get to be a bit of a crapshoot, but I think McDermott and Moreau will get drafted at some point. The one curiosity may be Nate Iese who finally got a real opportunity this year after about 4 years of people talking about him in practices and not really ever getting a chance or having a position. He did a nice job at TE. I think he has a real shot at making an NFL roster, even if it comes as a free agent.

      • Coach Thom

        In my opinion, Nate is an athlete, not a true tight end. As you know, NFL teams don’t like to take a chance on an ‘unknown’ commodity. Hopefully, Nate will sparkle at the work-outs, and some team might extend an offer on his pure athleticism. I truly hope he finds a taker.

        • 88 Straight

          I can see that but he has displayed good hands and there seem to be quite a few hybrid TEs these days. I think he will have a shot at it. My guess is it will be as a free agent although he may move up into a late round.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    And Show Cause Klemm is still employed. Either he has something on Coach Mora or Mora signed a deal with the devil to hire Klemm.

    • Cali Man

      They need find a way to hire San Diego State’s OC Jeff Horton. He was the reason why their offense was ridiculous and had two running backs averaging 100 yards a game. Just imagine what he can do with Starks, Jamabo, and Bolu?

  • 88 Straight

    Which member of the Holy Trinity of Ignorant Trolls (HTIT) is going to step up and say that they believed that Scott Quessenberry was the best center in the PAC-12 this year?

    • gotroy22

      You, Jacqui the trans and the Dr. Rachel Maddow of Inside USC have a name for your clique now?

    • Laker Rod

      Give it up. While Quessenberry probably didn’t deserve “1st” team all conference…the fact that he won an award proves he wasn’t as bad as your STUPID brain claimed him to be. Deal with it.

      These things happen because you’re simply an idi0t who is constantly proven WRONG.

  • Tyler Durden

    I’m calling this now. There is no way CU will be allowed to win against Washington. The PAC 12 will look to seek a Big pay day with a Washington playoff birth. I expect many suspect flags from the refs.

  • gotroy22

    4-8 will be a stretch next year. Plan on 1-10.