Weekly Q&A: Stanford


It’s time for Pac-12 play, friends. UCLA starts its conference slate with Stanford on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Stanford Stadium. Both teams are coming off upsets that knocked them out of the AP rankings.

If you have questions about the Bruins, leave them below or send me an email — thnguyen(at)scng(dot)com — and I’ll post answers on THURSDAY.

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  • JustOwns

    Should JimmyBall seek advice from the Biffy on how to win?

    Stanford: more points – UCLA: less points

    • Paul

      Your Clown College education shining bright in that one

      • College? He doesn’t even have a GED, just like other Trojan fans

  • Michael Crownover

    Is our defense run by Mora or Bradley? Because it seems to me that since Mora has been here, we have continually left our corners to be in man to man coverage by themselves and never run any zone. With this happening every down, we often get beat for a big play, do you think there is ever gonna be an adjustment and maybe some more zone stuff on D?

    • Richard

      Our DBs are very good and against a good running team we just have to take some chances and play man up.
      Stanford runs w/ c. 8 men, close in, on the line of scrimmage, at times.
      3 TEs, a wing back & maybe an old single wing blocking back as well.
      # UCLA – put everyone in the box and hope for the best on the backend.

      • Paul

        Nate Meadors is not good

        • He’s at least above average for the PAC 12

  • Ed Garrett

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    • Toby Soto

      you can’t even form a coherent sentence, so I wouldn’t be talking, You also go on more political rants than posts about ucla

      • Ed Garrett

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        • Would you mind listing specifically and concisely why you dislike Trump so much?

          • Hogsman

            I have always suspected “Ed Garrett” to be a DN staffer trying to generate site traffic. The fake poor spelling and grammar is over the top.

          • 88 Straight

            Are you really trying to engage this person?

          • I find that many people condemn in Trump the very things that they ignore (or celebrate) in their favorite candidates.

          • 88 Straight

            This guy is not serious. He’s just trolling with nonsensical statements.

          • Even trolls like to share their opinions.

  • Paul

    Will Bradley (& Mora) realize that Stanford’s QBs are not good and stack the box to make them, not Bryce Love, beat us?

  • Dan Fernandez

    Whatever happened with Mique Juarez?? Has his confidence, or lack of caring, been depleted so much that UCLA can’t use him even with all the injuries to the defense? It would seem the perfect timing for him to step up and finally live up to his potential…

    • EncinitasBruin

      This was my question too. I saw a report that he had suited up for both Hawaii andMemphis.

    • I think I read somewhere, or perhaps heard mora say, he’s not in shape

  • 92104bruinfan

    The Bruin rushing attack seems to be on the up and up over the last couple of games as you noted in your DN report. Is this attributable to increased comfort in Fisch’s offense or a result of the competition the past 2 weeks? Or both? It seems like UCLA is still a year or 2 away in the recruiting cycle to get personnel truly geared towards the pro-style rushing attack but I’ll take any improvement for the time being. Thanks for your work as always.

  • Daniel flores

    How many wins do you think ucla needs for Mora to keep his job?

  • Danny

    Am I the only one who feels that while the loss to Memphis was a bad blow, there is still a lot to feel good about the prospects for a good season?

    • I’m worried about the injuries on defense and the speed with which the DC adjusts in-game.

    • Daniel flores

      I don’t see it. They struggled against A&M the safety had the ball go through his hands. If they would have intercepted it they would have lost. Lets see what they do against Stanford.

    • Yes. You’re the only one šŸ˜‰

      • Danny

        (Use you-know-who” voice) “Fake news Steve claims that I (and I alone) think that there are many positive takeaways from Memphis (which I won in a landslide). Sad” lol

  • Ballin

    Every game that Brandon Stephens plays in he always gets a long run. He has the longest run from scrimmage this year. Shouldnā€™t he be getting the ball more?

  • Zz Clauz

    Where do you think the following people will be (in relation to football) in two years: Jim Mora; Tom Bradley; Scott White; David Shaw; Chip Kelley; and Clay Helton?

  • Zz Clauz

    One other—What would yet another loss to Stanford, especially in perhaps a down year for them, say about Jim Mora, recruiting and the state of the UCLA football program?

  • LTEfan

    As the Bruins prepare to be run over by Stanford’s offensive line and backs again, I recall that Mora promised after Nebraska ran right over his defense two years ago that he was going to recruit bigger and stronger players. McClure has been praised for his defensive line recruiting and yet here we are. Why are we still undersized?

  • LTEfan

    What do you think of Kolton Miller’s play? Two years ago at right tackle he showed great promise. His play at left tackle has been less than stellar, especially in pass protection. Isn’t he better than he’s shown?