UCLA Game GIFs: Fan reaction to UCLA’s 44-23 loss to Washington

UCLA struggled in all aspects of the game Saturday in a 44-23 blowout loss to Washington. The Bruins had a season-low 232 total yards on offense and gave up 333 rushing yards on defense. And Josh Rosen left the game in the third quarter after getting sacked four times. He’s dealing with “multiple things,” head coach Jim Mora said and will be evaluated further Sunday.

Here’s fan reaction to UCLA’s latest loss:

  • Coach Thom

    These cute gifs don’t really encapsulate the abysmal depths to which our once ‘energetic’ football program has sunk. Whaaaaa? Is the coaching staff totally inadequate? Are the players hopelessly inept? Is it OUR, the ever loyal believers, fault???? What the f____ is going on? If I’m alive next year, I will be interested beyond all reasonable conscience in the fate of our 2018 football team. But, by God’s good grace, I will be spared another season of tortuously humiliating defeats. I will be………………….probably rooting for another team.

    • gotroy22

      One would think SJW Blockhead is deliberately sabotaging the white racist patriarchal football program before he replaces it with rhythmic gymnastics.

      • j metaphor

        Could be true. At UCLA our leadership is in control of our football team. At SoCal your football team controls your leadership.
        Too bad we don’t have the ethical, competent leader that you have in Max Nikias.
        P.S. Any word from your ex-Med school Dean?

  • Sean Zavala

    Wonder what Gene Block is thinking, just give me another Scotch and Monday morning I’m running to my office so I don’t have to say hi to anyone in the hallways at Ucla

    • gotroy22

      That was sure a good move by Blockhead to ban the alumni cheerleader for offending radical Muslims and tripling season ticket prices and driving out thousands of die hard fans. I enjoy looking at all those empty seats on the 50 yard line and the morgue like atmosphere as your team implodes.

  • JustOwns

    2, 4, 6 , 8, what do we appreciate…….JimmyBall.

    • gotroy22

      Why don’t you losers just cease football operations like UCSB and save yourself any further humiliation?

      • 88 Straight

        One thing we all know is that you are an expert on humiliation. It’s a lifestyle choice for you and your hero in DC. Maybe you need a shower of gold just like the Trumpster.

        • Linkster

          And your hero is who? Hillary? Barack? Shower of gold? Get a grip. You have a crappy football team. Own it.

          • 88 Straight

            Yes, we have a crappy football team. I own it. I’m not a renter.

            I guess you aren’t familiar with the contents of the dossier. Politicians aren’t my hero but I’ll take ANYONE over Trump, fromJeb Bush all the way to Obama.