Get Your Answers

Here’s a few more answers to questions not involving Norm Chow.

Q: Were you surprised that Mitch Mustain got the award for service team player of the year? Was it expected?

A: No. He did a nice job at QB and challenged the starting defense. Brandon Carswell also did a nice job this season and Marc Tyler provided a spark at the end. But Mustain was the guy from beginning to end.

Q: Things have just gotten interesting in the SEC as far as recruiting is concerned. Florida is now publicly questioning the validity of one time Southern Cal recruit Patrick Johnson’s ACT score after committing to LSU. Apparently, Patrick Johnson has gone as far as to call Florida cowards. Maybe I’m just looking for answers to why our years commitments are so low, but did SC perhaps question this internally as well during the recruiting process cause it seemed he was big on SC in December. Thanks.

A: USC’s actively recruited Patrick Johnson and he dropped the Trojans before news broke of his test scores.

Q: Who are the Trojans in the Super Bowl?

A: Steve Smith, Manuel Wright, Junior Seau, Willie McGinest, Matt Cassel and Oscar Lua (injured reserve).

Q: I assume at USC the MLB still calls the signals for each play on defense–and that every play he gets the signal from the sidelines [Nick Holt]–is all of that right?–and, how is it handled when the opponent goes with a no-huddle, quick -snap count play?

A: You forgot that Pete Carroll decides the formation first. In no-huddle, the players simply look to the sideline for the signal.