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Q: In the 40+ year history of the Song Girls, would the 2000s be considered “The Paul Hackett-era of Song Girls”?

A: Or maybe the Don Clark era.

Q: Did you ever see the episode of Family Guy where Meg Griffin became a flag girl and boasts “That’s almost a cheerleader” but it doesn’t impress the cool kids? Well, the other flag girls turn out to have facial hair, a paraplegic, and an assortment of other freaks. It contains this classic exchange:

Meg: Mom, guess what?! I made the Flag Girl squad.
Stewie: Flag Girl? Ummmm, yes, good for you… Now you can be somewhere else when the boys don’t call!

It turns out that Meg gets meat tossed at her by the cheerleaders when she is a flag girl and she ends up doing whatever she can to get back at the cheerleaders for the way she was treated.

So is this a parallel to the actions of the current song girls advisor towards all the beautiful song girls who mocked her when she was a flag girl back in the day?

A: I would answer this but we are being monitored by you know who.

Q: Did we ever determine which Song Girl squad was the worst one in history?

A: I am waiting for the readers to answer this fully.