Answer Monday, Part III

Pete Carroll said late last night he would not answer any more questions about Oregon State. I hope the rest of the media gets the memo when they show up for practice today.

Q: Scott is all this song girl stuff really just because they got rid of the sweater boys?

A: You’ve discovered the secret of the controversy.

Q: In your final ballot, would you put a one-loss SEC or Big-12 school ahead of an undefeated USC? If so, why?

A: Maybe we should change this question to a two-loss SEC or Big 12 school ahead of one-loss USC. Perhaps, depending on who the losses were to. A loss to Oregon State is not the same to me as losing to Alabama. But I still think if USC wins the rest of its games, things will take of themselves.

Q: If the highly overrated teams of the SEC finish with 2 or 3 loses will the SEC worshiping press excuse them because they play against such difficult teams like Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Ole Miss. and Tennessee etc.?

A: Ole Miss defeated Florida so apparently they are not a pushover now that Ed Orgeron is gone. Vanderbilt is a top 20 team. Arkansas and Tennessee are nothing special so wins over those schools are not going to increase a team’s stature.

Q: You have personally responded to numerous hateful comments made about the SC song girls. You even created a special “Song Girl Forum,” encouraging angry, resentful men to post misogynistic statements about these beautiful college women, who continue to dedicate their time and energy to this university. You claim your blog deletes offensive comments, yet you continually allow this forum to be a platform for vile comments toward the song girls, particularly about their unattractiveness or speculation related to their personal lives. Scott, what exactly is wrong with these beautiful, hardworking women? I fully expect you to ignore this question or backtrack.

A: I have not focused on the song girls looks or personal behavior, although when pictures hit numerous web sites and a song girl writes an apology, I won’t ignore it. I’ve also asked readers to be respectful in their comments. My focus has been on the selection process and getting full transparency when it appears favoritism exists. I’d ask you why so many readers are upset over the selection results? It seems to have struck a chord. Why?

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