Ute Vote

What started out as a trickle is now a landslide of emails to AP voters to choose Utah as the No. 1 team. I’m getting emails from McLean, Va. to San Clemente. Here’s another example.

I hope that you will have noted Utah’s defeat against Alabama, and that we are 13-0 which no other team in the nation can prove. As you will see if you are to look up the win/loses of all other teams out of the 119 Divison 1, as all other teams currently have one lose or more in division 1 NCAA football.
You should also note that only Florida and Utah have beat Alabama, but only one of those two teams Is undefeated. So I would hope that you find it in your heart to do justice and Vote utah #1 in the AP poll, of which you are a voter of, As Utah is the only undefeated team, thus only team deserving of the National Championship title or at least a share of the title with the BCS bowl game winner.

Here are some fun stats I have included for you to review.

Utah defeated Alabama with a 31-17 victory.
Utah finished the season 13-0
Utah has its second undefeated season and second BCS win.
Utah became the first team from a non-BCS conference to win two BCS bowls.
Utah has won 8 current bowls, which is FBS longest streak currently.
Utah currently holds that nations longest winning streak.
Utah went 3-0 against BCS ranked teams, Florida is 2-1, Oklahoma is 5-1.
Utah beat 4 ranked teams.
Utah went 1-0 against the Big-Ten
Utah went 1-0 against the SEC, convincingly beating SEC-West Champion Alabama in the Sugar Bowl
Utah went 1-0 against the Pac-10, beating Oregon State who had defeated USC
Utah went 1-0 against the WAC
Utah went 8-0 against the MWC who finished with 3 teams in the top 25 (Utah, TCU and BYU).

This following link shows that 2/3rds of random population agree that Utah deserves a slice
of the national championship title.
http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/fp/flashPo llResultsState?sportIndex=frontpage&pollI d =65891