Answer Monday (Football Forum, Part 3)

We’ll do a live chat as soon as we recover from the 8-hour session we did last week.

Q: The software that the team uses to watch game film — is it a custom program, or some kind of standard off-the-shelf application designed for football?

A: They use a computer program designed for football. They were using this company,, which is one of the nation’s biggest although I hear they use a different program now.

Q: In your “never to early to look at USC’s defense for next year” article linebacker Luthur Brown wasn’t mentioned. Why not?

A: Because I cannot say he will be an impact player when I cannot get a straight answer on his situation. He did practice during the season but supposedly was not officially cleared. Originally he had his lingering back injury, then I heard it was a shoulder problem. If he is healthy, he can be a starter. But will he be healthy? No one knows.

Q: Will the news by Roger Goodell that the pay scale for rookies will not change until 2011 cause draft eligble players like Mark Sanchez, Stafon Johnson, Damien Williams, CJ Gable, and Taylor Mays to change they decision of entering the draft this year?

A: I think Sanchez’s family was looking closely at that situation. It could also potentially affect Mays because he could be a top 15 selection. But I don’t think it has any bearing on the other underclassmen. I still expect Sanchez to return along with Johnson and Williams. Gable might leave out of frustration and Mays is leaning toward leaving.

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