Quarterback Recap

It was apparent during Thursday’s practice that Aaron Corp’s leg bothered him. What’s ironic is it looked worse than it did Tuesday or Wednesday. Was it the result of being demoralized over the QB announcement?
Who knows? But Corp’s limited ability to run like he normally does made the decision easy for Pete Carroll to name Matt Barkley the starter.
There will be a flood of quotes about how great Barkley played (and he did fine) but the reason the announcement came today is because Corp did not appear ready during this week’s practices.[EP
“It’s going to be awhile (with Corp),” Carroll said. “I can see it. He’s not OK. I thought about it in terms of being his dad. I need to protect him longer.”
The problem is that if Barkley plays well against San Jose State, and why wouldn’t he, it virtually eliminates the chance of competition for the far-more important Ohio State game on Sept. 12.