Coaching Time

A play I liked during Saturday’s scrimmage was when wide receiver Brice Butler dropped a wide-open pass over the middle and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin came on to the field and yelled, “safeties, get on your landmarks!”
No matter what else happens, Kiffin will be on top of the defense this season at every position.

5 thoughts on “Coaching Time

  1. he doesn’t even know the difference between free and strong safety…and he wants them to know landmarks?

    when i played safety in the Confectioners League, the free safety had one landmark, and the strong safety had another. is it any surprise that they are cornfused??

  2. A veiled dig at PC. Secondhand Wolf just cannot get over the fact that the most successful football coach in USC history did not give him the time of day.

  3. Just what does Wolf mean by “A play I liked…”? He likes the offense? The defense? The coach’s response? Love the ambiguity! And he did use “like” for all those who consider him a hater!

  4. Sh!t Bucket,

    LMAO, you are writing that Monte doesn’t know the difference between free and strong safety. Uh, yeah, so Monte has been one of the premier defensive coaches for years and you can make another such outlandish statement. Christ, some people’s kids.

    This just in… UCLA Football still sucks and so do their fans. More to follow.

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