Heisman Odds

Here’s the latest odds to win the Heisman Trophy with one USC player making the list.

Andrew Luck +1500
Blaine Gabbert +5000
Case Keenum +1200
Damon Berry +1800
DeMarco Murray +1500
Dion Lewis +1200
Jacory Harris +1200
Jacquizz Rodgers +2000
Jerrod Johnson +5000
John Clay +1200
Jordan Todman +5000
Josh Nesbitt +5000
Kellen Moore +1500
LaMichael James +3000
Landry Jones +4000
Matt Barkley +3000
Mark Ingram +350
Noel Devine +1200
Robert Griffin +6000
Ryan Mallett +1000
Tate Forcier +3000
Terrelle Pryor +500
Jake Locker +1200
Christian Ponder +1500
Garrett Gilbert +2500
Evan Royster +1200

7 thoughts on “Heisman Odds

  1. Well, Matt Barkley’s there for the “great education” (tongue buried in cheek)…

    Matt, the only Heisman you’ll ever touch is the one you’ll help remove that once belonged to Reggie Bu$h.

  2. Ronald Johnson odds should be the same as Barkley if not better. Alan Bradford could surprise with a big year, too. Know the two are better than +6,000 in any case. Malibu Grad or is it Barbie get lost in the big ocean with your small mind.

  3. Trojsteve, Barbie has a better chance at winning a Heisman than either of those stiffs. Go take a look at Barkley’s stats over the 2nd half of the year, ask your 2nd grade teacher how to interpret them, and you’ll say to me – “thanks mom”.

  4. Agree that MB will never win a heisman, but I think he’ll pull out a couple nice seasons.

  5. Barkley at best, is the #7 QB in the Pac-10. Luck and Locker are the class of the Pac-10 and both Arizona schools QBs are also better than Barkley…Kevin Prince and Barkley are even in my books…and if I was being biased I would put Prince in the top-three but I’m not.

  6. Kevin Prince is definitely in top three of PAC-10 quarterbacks – if you’re looking at the list upside down.

    Both Zona QB’s are better than Barkley? Uh, okay.

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