Hat Trick

USC was the only school in the country to win three national titles this season (men’s and women’s water polo, men’s tennis).

18 thoughts on “Hat Trick

  1. watch all the trogans who insist that only football matters come out and claim these titles… Just think how well SC’s unimportant teams would be were it not for Mike “Sanction ON” Garrett and Cheaty Pete.

  2. Sped, I was just thinking that these titles were no big deal. In fact, I think they’re rather like “a feather in the cap”.

    Only problem, is that Fucla backers think that championships in sports like women’s water polo ARE the cap.

  3. Slow Lane is not a good coach, i remember watching him get his ass kicked by Va Tech in his bowl game… monty sure shut down those hokies. southern cal is in for a rude awakening… BTW, Malik Jackson is gone.. whose next?

  4. Spedjones, I don’t care about USC’s water polo, tennis, or golf national championships. I care about the football ones because that’s the biggest college sport in the nation. However, I also know USC does win titles in sports other than football, doesn’t mean I brag about it (like you), and that’s what makes USC better than UCLA.


  5. great job, trOJies!! congrats on your 91 NCAA Championsips! that is a truly great accomplishment!!

    keep up the fantastic work!! if you keep working really hard at it, you may one day reach UCLA’s total of 106 Natl Titles!

    of course by then we will probably have around 130 or so. the reality is, you can never match UCLA’s overall dominance.

    have a magnificent day!!!!

  6. Those are just three more national titles that are gonna get vacated as the dirt continues to get digged up.

    The parents of those water polo players were probably all getting free pools isntalled in their yards, courtesy of wanna-be water polo agents.

    As for man’s tennis, I heard the whole USC tennis team was given free Hyundai Elantras by Venus and Vanessa Williams’s dad, who is a sports manager.

    –Westwood Robito

  7. Well there you go – further proof that you’re no longer a Football school.

    Is Dr. Ting the physician for the Water Polo team?

  8. Hey Malibu–if USC not being a football school anymore means having a winning record and always beating UCLA in great fashion, while fUCLA continues sucking, then we love it!
    Fight on!

  9. wow lbc trojan – did you come up w/that all by yourself? I’ll assume you’re 12 or new to the country, based on your fine literary style.

    As for football – one thing is for sure – NO BOWL FOR YOU! Enjoy summer camp, junior.

  10. oh no! Malik Jackson is gone?? We may as well cancel the football program.

  11. Malibu–the best part is, USC has to get a bowl taken away from them, while UCLA desperately tries to make it to one. NO BOWL FOR YOU!
    Fight on!

  12. That’s right lbc – the entire Pac-10 is gitty over having that Emerald Bowl of the 4th place Trogans back up for grabs.

    Enjoy Water Polo!

  13. The Emerald Bowl, along with 3 straight Rose Bowl wins this past decade! You know, in that stadium Fucla plays in. USC has won more games there than the bRuins! Hahahahahahahahaha ooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Still good to be a Trojan!

  14. Ps. Nice remark about the Emerald Bowl being so “horrible,” coming from a fan of UCLA who couldn’t even make it THERE.

    Enjoy women’s softball and the Eagle Bank bowl, loser.

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