• I DIg Go Go Girls

    After this recruiting year where USC can sign 10 players early in Jan, can they do that again next year and then sign 15 players?

  • uscmike

    Prediction time, Mr. Wolf:

    Who wins the Pac-10?
    What is USC’s record this season?
    To whom do they lose?

    As always, thanks for the forum, Scott.

  • Bannedbutnotforgotten

    Since USC can sign 10 players early, do you think the majority of them will by from JC ?

  • Escoot

    Do we see a conservative offense out of USC and expect them to win a low-scoring affair?

  • torpedoman

    Do we search the country high and low, JCs and lower divisional schools for a backup Center? or are we already?

  • Augustine

    How much playing time do you expect Mustain and Gable get in the opener?

  • JAG

    USC: 2009 vs. 2010 coaching staffs
    I understand it’s early, but which is the better staff based on your observations so far:

    1. Offensive coaches
    2. Defensive coaches
    3. Special teams coaches
    4. Discipline
    5. Motivation
    6. Recruiting, closers
    7. Recruiting, evaluators
    8. Overall

    Answer as many as you wish, and please avoid “too early to tell” if possible.

  • Michael Protos

    Missy Conboy the Notre Dame asst. atheletic director, signed off on the NCAA infractions committee report which clearly and self-righteously took strong exception over an incident where Reggie Bush went to a club/restaurant with a recruit where alchohol was served. (not that they actually had any alcohol, it was merely served there). This wasn’t a buried footnote, it was blared on page 2 and sanctimoniously pointed to as a key example of where USC “fostered an atmosphere in which student-athletes could feel entitled to special treatment and which almost certainly contributed to the difficulties of compliance staff in achieving a rules-compliant program.” This missive served as a key backdrop for the sanctions report.
    Given that, and as Notre Dames’ compliance director, won’t Missy either have to suspend for the entire season the 9 ND players recently arrested for underage drinking, or publicly admit her committee’s report was a blatant hit job against USC? Also, what is Missy’s excuse for not knowing about the rampant and well-known boozing problem on the ND Football team. Is South Bend too big of a place, unlike Los Angeles?

  • scinsc5

    kindly tell us readers everything relatively relevant about patrick hall. such as: is there a chance he loses his scholarship? is it true it looks like he hasn’t been in the weight room since high school?

  • torpedoman

    @Michael Protos…Thanks for that! The bile that comes from my digestive tract, leaves such a bad taste when I realize this of what you asked…I just pray that someone somewhere, somehow has a way to push stuff like this! Thanks again
    Fight On

  • SD Trojan 2

    Why hasn’t the media more vigorously questioned why Paul Dee was appointed the Chairman of the Infraction Committee? This is the guy who oversaw arguably the dirtiest program in CFB history. He directly instituted a change in the Hurricanes’ drug testing program so that at least 3 players (including Warren Sapp) would not be suspended. More than 50 Miami players stole federal money through falsified grant applications and the UNIVERSITY (not a rogue wannabe agent) provided players with over $400K in cash payments.

    How can a man with seemingly zero moral fiber decide the fate of another football program?

  • NOBS

    Mr. Dee actually has a nice resume. Here’s what’s on the Miami website (http://www.education.miami.edu/facultystaff/faculty_bio.asp?ID=200 )

    Paul Dee
    University of Miami School of Law, JD, 1977

    Director of Athletics, University of Miami, 1993 to 2008.

    Location: Merrick Bldg 319-A
    Phone: 305-284-1184
    Fax: 305-284-3003
    eMail: pdee@miami.edu

    Paul Dee served as University of Miami Director of Athletics from 1993 to 2008.

    Prior to his appointment, Dee served the University as its Vice President and General Counsel beginning in 1981.
    During his tenure Dee focused the efforts of the Athletic Department on four major points of emphasis:

    the success of its programs;
    the development of its student-athletes, both athletically and academically;
    the quality of life of its staff;
    improvement of facilities.
    The department achieved success in each of these areas.

    Program Success

    The University of Miami won three team national championships (Baseball in 1999 and 2001; Football in 2001) during his tenure as Director of Athletics.

    Student-Athlete Success

    University of Miami student-athletes have continued to strive academically since Dee took over as Director of Athletics in 1993. During that period, UM student-athletes consistently showed improvement in grade-point average and graduation rates.

    Quality of Staff

    Miami coaches have been widely recognized by their peers as some of the nations best. The UM coaching staff has earned a combined 17 National Coach of the Year honors, including nine by diving coach Randy Ableman, four by baseball coach Jim Morris, two by football coach Larry Coker in 2001 and one by womens basketball coach Ferne Labati.

    Improvement and Expansion of Facilities

    Since 1993, the University of Miami athletic program has seen an almost complete makeover of its athletic facilities.

    A Commitment To A Well-Rounded Program

    Dee believes intensified fund raising efforts and developing stronger interest in womens sports are vital to ensuring the future success of the Hurricanes program.

    National Influence

    During his nine years as Director of Athletics, Dee was, and still is, active in the NCAA and the BIG EAST Conference. Dee has served on several NCAA Committees, including the Committee on Certification, the Management Council and currently is a member of the Committee on Infractions. In the BIG EAST, Dee has served on the Executive Television Committee and, for two years, was Chair of the BIG EAST Football Conference.

  • lbc trojan

    Although I’m sure you’ll report on it a few days late, just wondering why you haven’t reported things like a) which players were selected as team captains and b) what the probability of Kiffin’s statement that Kyle Prater is likely to redshirt this season.
    Saw those on LAT, OCR, and ESPN, just wondering why they weren’t here on “Inside USC.”


    Are you surprised that Kyle Prater will redshirt and do you think this will impact the recruitment of Victor Blackwell, George Farmer, and DeAnthony Arnett?

  • superlaker24

    Do you think Patrick Hall will come back to the team this year or next year or will he transfer?

  • The Coach

    Who is your preseason pick to win the Heisman Trophy and why?

  • USCfan

    You answered a question about live-tacking last week and said that it wouldn’t be too big of an issue for ‘SC. Practice is everything. One of the main factors that contributed to ‘SC’s success this last decade was because of the fast-hard hitting practices. Lane Kiffin is no longer emulating this, so how big of an effect will this have on ‘SC? ‘SC is starting to go down the path that the U went down when they were hit with the 31 scholarship loss. It’s really scary to imagine them going through what the U went through, but it’s starting to look like that. Having no contact in practice is bad for game prep. When the game is on, players can easily let up on tackles because they didn’t practice it. And there’s no more speed, how will that effect the team come Saturdays?

  • gotroy22

    Are you surprised at the continuing level of anger by so many fans to the probation after 3 months?

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    One of Paul Dee’s former coaches, Burch Davis, is now facing trouble at North Carolina……Regarding Miami’s success,,play a sorry Big East schedule and then a Home Bowl Game for a National Title. Or get lucky and get a Nebraska team that didn’t even win its division of its Conference. Go to the Fiesta Bowl and get beat (UCLA & Penn State & Ohio State)…Go to the Sugar Bowl and get killed (Tennessee)In 1983, it lost to Florida by 25 in it’s opener but “won” it’s first National Title. The same Florida team that played one of USC’s more average teams a week later and tied 19-19. These guys played a 1 game schedule against a team that couldn’t kick a Field goal. Miami Football will never have any credibility with me.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Were you at the 1994 UCLA/USC game and was JaManfred Jackson’s hit on Dustin Frode the biggest, hardest hit you’ve ever seen?

  • Lane Kiffin

    What is your time frame for Haden/McKay firing Lane Kiffin. It is clear, they do not want him as the HC at USC, who does ?
    Was Kennedy Pola hired to take over real soon ?

  • VanDenburgh

    Is the Hawaii game on channel 7 (KABC) or not? My Dish Network says it’s blocked out in my area (Orange County) on ESPN – i called them and they said ABC 7 is picking it up. ABC 7 does not show it listed. What’s going on?

  • uscmike


    Scott probably won’t respond in time. The USC-Hawaii game is being carried nationally on ESPN. The ESPN website says it is also available on ESPN3.com. http://espn.go.com/college-football/schedule

    Moreover, ABC is showing new programming on Thursday night at 9:00 (Rookie Blues) and 10:00 p.m. (Nightline prime time special). Thus, I highly doubt that ABC will be carrying the game locally. In short, the game is on ESPN.

    Not sure if there is any dispute between Dish Network and Disney (which owns ESPN and ABC). I am glad they just settled the dispute between Time Warner Cable and Disney, so that I can watch the game.

  • dtksr1

    Scott, I am really concerned about the serious lack of depth on the O-line and the mounting injuries adding up. As for the need to keep stocking up the beef up front, what the hell was PC thinking the last few years in his recruiting priorities? This wasn’t the first time PC has been guilty of ignoring the linemen in his recruiting. You cannot tell me it is harder to recruit 300 lb linemen than it is athletes-running backs & QBs!

  • George Tirebiter

    Dying ol’ man here is utterly confused re our scholarship situation. I understand the 9 for Jan., but for Feb., I thought we would be allowed 25 unless our appeal is denied before then. Since we are only taking 15 for 2/11, it would appear we have caved in, and have agreed to the 15 for 3 years that the NCAA wants. Is that your impression too, and what are your thoughts on this matter? Thanx in advance as always.

  • Chiete76

    With extra attention to protecting players,is Kiffin considering playing backups sooner when the score gets up there? As you know, PC waiting till the end usually.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I see SC being the underdog @ Stanford, @ Oregon State, and at home against Oregon. Do you see any other games that SC will be the underdog, and of all these do you think SC will win any of them?