Number Dropping

USC is now a 10-point favorite over Washington this Saturday down from 11.5 earlier in the week.

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  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    this is one sweeeeeeeet scooop, wolfman!!

    one of the ChuckerBucker’s summer jobs in college was dealing blackjack in vegas, so i know all about gambling and spreads…..and based on this information, i can conclude that bettors are flocking to bet that Southern Cal will continue to NOT “cover” the “spread” which is the amount of points the betting “favorite” is predicted to win by.

    it is almost unheard of for the spread to move more than 2pts the week before the game absent an injury to a crucial player, so this i would definitely consider this a “red flag”!!

    keeep oooooooon scoopin’ wolfman!!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    this is one sweeeeeeeet scooop, wolfman!!
    water covers 2/3 of the Earth, Wolf covers the rest!!!!!!!
    keeep oooooooon scoopin’ wolfman!!!!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    not bad, but you forgot the dash in the wolf howl. it goes like this:


    grade: B+

  • Sam Gilbert

    A blackjack dealer in Vegas… so you must have met Slick Rick long before he went to Westwood.

  • JAG

    Using Scott’s logic, this move in the spread is potentially making USC a ‘stronger’ team. If we accept his premise that covering the spread is an indication of strength, and if USC wins by 11 (28-17), then USC would be a ‘strong” team with the current spread, but a ‘weak’ team by the original spread.

    So as the moves lower, USC gets stronger by the day!