Answer Friday! (Part 3)

And even more Friday Night answers.

Q: October 25, 2010 9:40 PM
TROJANS32 said:
Scott, I know it’s just a guess, but yours is better than ours. What are the percentage chances of our appeal being successful, and when do you think we will know? Thank you.

A: I would say the appeal’s got about a 30 percent chance of being successful. Its success will depend on whether the NCAA warms to the fact Max Nikias and Pat Haden are running things now. That reminds me that Steven Sample deserves some criticism too because he often sat back and did little to make sure the athletic dept. did more than appear hostile toward the NCAA. Ultimately, that hurt the university.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
With Kiffin’s positive comments about Oregon’s offense and looking at going to the spread more in the future, do you think he’s warming to the idea of a running QB after Barkley, or just spreading it around to more receivers and no fullback?

A: Jesse Scroggins is a running quarterback so he would be natural for the spread. Max Wittek from Mater Dei can also run the spread because of the Monarchs’ offense. I think he’s looking at it more from a personnel standpoint but I still think we’re a ways off from it being implemented. He prefers a pro-style offense.

Q: sanchize6 said:

What I don’t understand is that since the Garrett firing PH has been bemoaning for all that will listen “we need to win the right way”
If I recall we had 1 rogue player who went behind the collective back of his university, team, and fans. While Alabama, Florida State, North Carolina, insert your big time program … who committed violations with some degree of university knowledge, never publicly criticize their own.
In addition what has he accomplished, if I remember correctly his biggest accomplishment is firing Chad Krueter. Shouldn’t whatever success that USC earns with its current coaches in all sports be attributed to Garrett as opposed to Pat Haden AKA “the anointed one?”

Humbly Yours

A: Haden’s comments about winning the right way are directed toward the NCAA. By showing contrition, maybe the NCAA will be sympathetic toward the appeal. USC is trying to improve its relations with the NCAA, which were pretty sour when Mike Garrett was athletic director.
I think if current coaches are successful, Mike Garrett deserves credit for that. He hired them. But his undoing were his comments regarding the NCAA sanctions. And that’s where Haden is trying to repair things.

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  • USCfan

    I’m sick of hearing about Mike Garrett. Bring him up when the appeal is over. and remove his disgraceful jersey from the coliseum; regardless of end results when the appeal is over

  • NOBS

    uscFstick- U R an idiot. MG has done more for SC than you’ll EVER do. His mistake was making stupid comments at a dinner and repeating them. Period. He was the fall guy. And I don’t want to hear about “lack of control”. If he’d jumped Petey a$$, everyone would have told him to shut up and get out of it. It was a lose/lose for MG.

  • dtksr1

    These sanctions cause lots of emotion and distress for all of us. We are trying to understand it and get over the awful feeling. But putting most if not all the blame on MG is totally wrong. This man bled cardinal & gold. He is SC bred & trained… have some of you forgotten this? No one’s style is perfect in every situation. His strengths were trust & loyalty. He gave you the job to coach and he stayed out of your way. You show me a coach that wants his AD poking around-looking over your shoulder? The money AD MG has brought into the sports program may never be duplicated. We should be thankful SC had this man, this trojan for the time it did! By the way, good or bad… SC has had a history of NCAA sanctions… even before MG became AD!

  • sanchize6

    Mike Garrett did win the right way, I don’t think one rogue player should make it seem as if the program was out of control. PH makes it seem as if we were serial cheaters, but as most of you have expressed on this board the sanctions were based on hearsay an overall weak information. Yet, PH instead of keeping quite and deflecting all attention away from the sanctions loooooves to say “we are going to win the right way.” This just makes it seem like what USC was doing was horrendous, which it clearly was not. He seems to be justifying the sanctions in some way. BTW, why is PH fit to be the AD, he has no experience in an administrative position, he was just a mediocre qb that just has been in the right place at the right time throughout his life.

  • Trojan Conquest

    “Jesse Scroggins is a running quarterback”
    Everything I’ve read about Scroggins is that he’s a Pro Style QB who is mobile. He was rated as having one of the strongest arms in the nation when coming out of high school. Is it a sterotype to call him a “running quarterback”?