Answer Monday! (Part 4)

Monday Night Football? Who cares? Here’s Monday night answers.

Q: sanchize6 said:
Dear Mr Wolf

Why did PH spend the better part of the first half on the Oregon sidelines very close to the team bench on the30-35 yard line? Are conversations more important than the game?

A: Pat Haden always tries to watch part of the game from the field. I think he likes being down on the field and feels it is a show of support. If you watched any Notre Dame games, you know he has an excellent grasp of football. So I wouldn’t read too much into where he is standing or if someone is talking to him. He can always get a game film if he wants to analyze something.

Q: Dr. Arthur C. Bartner said:
I know Bates’ playcalling wasn’t brilliant last year, but in all fairness Barkley was a true freshman that made many more mistakes. So, what is it about Carroll/Bates/SChawks that irks you? Seahawks have been doing well this season and you say nothing when they win. Why do you take childish, cheap shots when they lose? Isn’t this a USC blog, not a “Inside former USC Trojans” blog? What’s your deal!?

A: I don’t think going 2 for 24 on third-down conversions in the past two games is doing well this season. But to your larger point, Jeremy Bates was a less-than-pleasant figure to deal with at USC last year. This was the view of not just the media, but USC officials who worked with him. So yes, I will mention how he is doing in the NFL. This blog covers USC and USC-related items that I deem appropriate. If I wrote weekly updates on how Clay Matthews was doing in Green Bay, I doubt you would write me to complain that is not a former Trojans blog.

Q: lbc trojan said:
After USC’s defense did a pretty good job through 3 quarters against a ridiculous Oregon offense, do you really see them being challenged like that again this season? Wins at Arizona and Oregon State no longer seem AS tough to come by. Arizona and OSU will be tough road environments, but SC should continue being motivated to prove people wrong. Can easily see SC finishing at 10-3, 9-4 worst. Agree or disagree?

A: I think the defense played pretty well against Arizona State. I think USC has a shot to win games at Arizona and Oregon State. But USC will be underdogs in those games. Remember USC’s lost at Oregon State even when it was heavily favored. And some of those games in Tucson were extremely difficult even though USC’s done well there.
So I do not “easily” see USC finishing 10-3. I would say the season is a smashing success if the Trojans go 10-3. And if they go 9-4, that’s probably pretty good considering the defensive problems and roster depth.

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  • spedjones

    LOL at lbc forgetting SC will lost to UCLA. Just goes to show who’s in denial in this town!

  • lbc trojan

    LOL at special-ed-jones forgetting UCLA still sucks. Just goes to show who’s still mediocre AND in denial in this town!

  • Dr. Arthur C. Bartner


    Get over it Wolf. Any further insight into OUR TEAM? Do your job.

  • “Count” Smackula

    sweeeeeet job tranquilizing the petulant physician, wolf!! way to reiterate this is YOUR blog and those who don’t like it have dozens of choices, to take it or leave it!!

    Sorry, doc, wolf is above and beyond all of us….the readers on this blog are like ropes on the Goodyear blimp! it is often difficult to understand wolf’s sage wisdom, but that is why item #5 of the Cadre’s Mission Statement is “to justify the ways of wolf, to man.”

  • JAG

    Ladies and Gentlemen (i.e Bruins and Trojans in that order),

    I present you Scott Wolf. His answer about Jeremey Bates confirms what most of us already know. Scott didn’t like Bates. Understated, he was “a less-than-pleasant figure to deal”. And it’s O.K. that Scott didn’t like him. My issue is how Scott deals with it.

    If Bates is a jerk, why not say it? Why embark on a smear campaign and assault Bates’s professional performance instead? Bate’s professional performance should be judged on it’s own merit, and IMO there’s plenty to criticize. But Wolf makes no genuine effort to assess Bates-the-coach one way or the other… BECAUSE HE DOESN’T LIKE Bates-the-man. When Bates does well, we won’t hear about it (never have). When Bates’s teams struggle, we’ll hear about it every time. And we’ll hear the worst of it…carefully selected stats that intended to condemn Bates rather than report him. Wolf has the persona and tenacity of a woman scorned.

    This Blog is really nothing more than the ramblings of a vindictive man about his likes and dislikes. As an example, when Wolf gets his big chance to interview Lane Kiffin imediately after USC’s wackiest game of the past few years, and arguably kiffin’s biggest win as a HC…WOLF USES THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTACK PETE CARROLL. Wolf didn’t like Carroll, and to Wolf it was a perfect chance to an unchallenged shot at him. But where is the concern for the readers who are interested in Kiffin’s post game thoughts? Where is the concern for honorable journalism? Answer…there isn’t any. There never is. The moment is always about Scott and his agenda. It’s all he knows. It’s all he is. And sadly, it isn’t much.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Very petty. And sad.

  • lbc trojan

    Well said, JAG.

  • Edward

    Well stated, Jag. Reminds me of the old “McDonnell-Douglas Show” (aka, “The Laurel and Hardy Show”), and their writing…always bashing John Robinson and Joe Namath.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Enough about Bates already. How about an update on Norm Chow? Some of you younger fans may not remember, but he was once the offensive coordinator for USC.

    Whatever happened to him? What has he been up to lately?

  • Gnossos

    Cafe 84,
    Mr. Chow has been having difficulty loading his pistol.