Answer Friday! (Part 2)

In this segment a question about motivation for the players.

Q: dtksr1 said:
Scott, I look at the ASU game not just as a loss, but in how the team is playing on the field based on how they are being coached. Is this as good as its going to get? Even if there are holes in talent on this team, there is no team-core in basic defense or offense in blocking, tackling & discipline just like last year. This is a heck of a resume’ Kiffin is showing Haden right now. I see the attendance at the home games lowering in numbers.

A: Interesting theory. Time will tell of course. One thing that troubles me is there seems to be an energy issue with the program. You need to have everyone’s motor running high each week especially after a loss. Pete Carroll did a great job at this. I’m sure how much of a motivator Lane Kiffin is.

Q: uscmike said:
What do the players think of Kiffin? Are they tuning him out? Does he provide them with ANY inspiration during the game? Any thoughts you have on the relationship between Kiffin and the team is greatly appreciated.

A: Since Day 1 I’ve written that one of my big issues is whether Kiffin can ispire his players, especially in adversity. That’s what made the fourth-quarter collapse troubling against Arizona State. Tomorrow’s game is considered a home win so it’s not exactly a test of Kiffin’s coaching ability.

Q: gotroy22 said:
Now that we were throttled by ASU and the slim outside chance of competing for the AP national title is gone and (due to the terms of the NCAA probation Pat Haden accepted) we aren’t even allowed to play for the Pac 12 championship, what do you think Coach Sunshine can do to keep the team from quitting and/or playing as individuals to impress pro scouts?

A: There is still a lot to play for. USC can win the Pac-12 South and the idea of an 11-1 season would be pretty special. How about victories over Notre Dame and UCLA? If USC can’t get motivated for Stanford and Oregon, it should quit playing football.
The Trojans did not complain last year about losing motivation because of probation. Besides, that hurts their pro stock if they lose motivation.

Q: trjnman said:
I have a question regarding your post about having someone else call the plays instead of Kiffin. I think this is a good idea, and he will consider it in the offseason, I think Kiffin has a pretty big ego, but I also think he cares more about winning than anything else. Who do you think would be a good candidate to be the OC? I personally think that they should go after a guy like Brent Pease from Boise State, I believe they a run a pro style offense, and would work well with the quality of talent we have at USC. My last point is who would they let go, since they are maxed out on coaches, they have to let someone go, I was thinking they would let Clay Helton go, since if they Hired Brent Pease, he is also the QB coach. I know this is way too early to ask something like this, but just wondering what you think of my rationalization. Also, please feel free to correct me if Boise State does not run a pro style offense.

A: I think that would be an excellent hire. My understanding is Boise State runs multiple formations with some West Coast ideas and some spread formations. Believe it or not, Paul Hackett is a mentor. But i’d still hire him. And his assistants.

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  • I’m_Delon_Washington


    i appreciate your reliance on an editor in your role as, well, whatever it is you do for a living. but, “I’m sure how much of a motivator Lane Kiffin is.” is clearly meant to express your uncertainty, but the omission of the word ‘not’ fails on every level to communicate this.

    you’re pretty much running a ‘tampa 2’ grammar check against the offense of the english language.

    and it fails. repeatedly.

  • I’m_Delon_Washington

    oh, and i’m sorry troy22’s ap national title hopes were dashed with the asu loss.


  • NOBS

    Figured out why Prof Slob hasn’t been banned by Scotty. Did you see the new “banner” ad? “It’s Judaism….more than just a bagel”! Bet he got such a deal from Scotty. Way to go Slob.