Answer Friday!

In this segment, questions about the defense and coaching.

Q: barney said:
Dear Mr. Wolf. I’ve been reading your stuff at least occasionally for 4 years or so. I do not recall you ever say a single good thing about Pete Carroll, who was immensely successful, I’ve never seen you say anything good about Kiffin (possible exception: an oblique, condescending good word about him as a recruiter) never, ever a good word about Garrett as AD (understandable)and nada positive about Haden. Question: who would you hire as a coach and AD? Please don’t point to God.

A: I’ve actually been quite positive about Pat Haden. And I did compliment Pete Carroll at times.
I think it was a no-brainer in 2009 to hire Jim Harbaugh to replace Carroll. I’ve also said I would try and get Chris Peterson of Boise State or Gary Patterson of TCU. I don’t really have a problem with Haden so I don’t mind him as A.D.

Q: Obama, now that’s offensive ! said:
Scott, don’t you think Pat Haden had better get a short list of head coaches who actually have some stature and get one ASAP before USC fans witness Ted Tollner, Larry Smith, Paul Hackett 2 combined with other schools coming in to scoop up the best Cali talent while Coach Dunce looks on with his deer in the head lights look or worse yet, his face buried in his voluminous play card ( which only seems to have 8 plays) while the talent heads off to other schools ?

A: Lane Kiffin’s done a good job recruiting. That is probably his strength. But Haden should always have a short list handy. My guess is he would call Jeff Fisher. I do agree the offense looks like it has eight plays at times.

Q: cjs1993 said:
It seems pretty clear to me that the Tampa 2 defense is generally ineffective against non-pro style offenses (e.g. the spread). I think the scheme is more of a problem than the personnel (with the exception of Galippo who lacks the athleticism to start at middle linebacker for USC). Do you think the defensive failures are more due to the scheme or the personnel on the field?

A: Lane Kiffin says missed tackles were the biggest problem. But I didn’t notice many adjustments as ASU ran the same pass play over and over and over. It is a problem that USC does not face a lot of pro-style offenses. So I’d say scheme is a big issue.

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  • I’m_Delon_Washington


    UR-ban MEY-er.

  • steve49

    Meyer at SC? It would be exciting, but neva happen. Short List: Fisher, Gruden, Fisher, and Fisher.

    How could anyone read this for 4 years and say wolfie doesn’t say anything nice about PC. Around here it’s like PC is the gold standard.