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Former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow interviewed with the search committee for the Hawaii job over the weekend before going back to Salt Lake City, according to the Honolulu Advertiser.

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    ok, lets get started:

    item 1) good luck to you, chow-chow. unlike Southern Cal, us Bruins don’t hate on our former coaches or players.

    item 2) memo to Cadre: remember to get your ballots in by today for our year end “wolfie” Awards.

    item 3) CONGRATS to women Bruins on their Women’s Volleyball Champeeenship!!!! the Bruin gals whipped Penn State the defending 4 time champeens to get to the finals. sugar SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!! unfortunately the trOXan gals didn’t quite make it that far (chortle).

    that’s national champeeenship #108 for UCLA!!!!!!


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Bucksh*t, you gonna place this one up on your mantle next to the 50 gymnastic and women’s softball championships?

    UCL-gay, what a sports powerhouse!!

  • Trojan 70

    How about the woman’s softball pitcher they played years ago and never, ever went to class? If it wasn’t for title IX the bRuins are shit.

  • NOBS

    Careful 70, SlobDusky will get MADD>

  • BruinRob

    Speaking of athletes not going to class, I remember a story in the L.A. Times 4 years ago naming about 3-4 USC football players getting straight “A”s at L.A. trade tech, yet there were plenty of doubt about these players even attending the class at all…so trOJan, why don’t shut the f**k up.

    NOBS, I see that the broken cucumber you used on Saturday night is still stuck in your ass…stupid “How Does” did on purpose, if I were you I’d kick his ass.

  • USC Anteater

    Congratulations Trojan women’s volleyball on a great year. Reaching the Final Four is no small achievement and they played a good game against Illinois. After such a long run of Big Ten, specifically Penn State, winning year after year it’s amazing to have two Pac-12 teams in the Final Four.

    Good luck to Norm Chow. I’ve always liked him, although he made it so difficult to root for him jumping to that other university across town, and even at Utah. Hopefully his offensive skills will be a better fit at UH than at those other 2 schools. Fight on Chow!

  • Trojanfan

    bucket… go get back under your rock and take bruinNob with you

  • CPEM

    Trojan 70: are you referring to the unfortunately-named Tanya Harding (not to be confused with Tonya Harding, the figure-skater)? Premier Bruin pitcher for the 1995 NCAA national championship team, MVP of the NCAA Championship Tournament? What’s that you say, you can’t find any record listed for a national champion in softball in 1995? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, amongst the other things that UCLA is 1st in, they were also the 1st Division 1 school to have a Division 1 NCAA team championship title vacated for CHEATING!!! Turns out they fudged the numbers on scholarships and brought in 3 ringers for the 1995 season, including one Ms. Harding, who registered for a total of 1, count ’em, 1 trimester, and promptly dropped out as soon as the tournament was over. Wow, they had to cheat to win at softball?


    Gee, Ugly Bucket, what has national championships got to do with this post?– what a punk!

    But truth be told, here is the men’s breakdown of titles:

    uckla– 72 (including one football title in 1954)
    SC– 90 (including 11 football titles)

    No offense, ladies, but female titles cannot be compared to mens’ titles.

  • Trojan 70

    CPEM – that is EXACTLY who I am referring to. I looked it up after I posted. Knew it was back in the 90’s. Yeah CerritosLob was still at Cerritos back then. Lawyer John, you are correct. Mens titles mean more.

  • Football titles don’t count!! They are paper titles only, until we have a playoff system they will remain just that “paper-trash” I think UCLA has 14 paper titles as well that are not part of the nation leading 108 National Championships.

  • Correction: 14 paper titles in “men’s” sports, so that would be 84 men’s titles using Lawyer John’s logic.

    @trOJan70 & Lawyer John – you male CHAUVINIST PIGS!! the women work just as hard as the men do, to accomplish the ultimate goal of being crowned champions…I would go one step further and say the women work harder than the men, as they are being asked to compete during certain time of the month, and are still expected to perform at maximum peak and get the job done…do you think Matt Barkley or Nick Perry would have had as successful season in football if they had to wear a TAMPON or a KOTEX on Saturday????
    you punks!!!

  • Football titles don’t count!! They are paper titles only, until we have a playoff system they will remain just that “paper-trash” I think UCLA has 14 paper titles as well that are not part of the nation leading 108 National Championships.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    RuinedBoob’s claim that women work just as hard as men may be true since he is speaking from experience as a former field hockey and women volleyball player at Cerritos JC.

    And he may be onto something – a correlation between ucla football’s margin of loss vs. the # of the football team’s girls that were having their period the week of the game.

  • BruinRob

    How Does – there you are pumpkin!!
    Section 126, Row N, Seats 1-7, make sure you stop by and say hello…see you there toots!!

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    RuinedBoob –

    Only a loser would attend the “Kraft, I’m so Hungry Bowl.” That does describe you; however, you are too poor to buy tickets to the game. Please post your email address and/or phone number, so I can coordinate. Otherwise, you’ll be confirming that you are a coward that is avoiding me, as well as further proving that you are lying about being in SF for NYE.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    hmmm…the LAT reported on Sunday that UCLA has 108 Champeenships noting that was tops in the country. whom to believe? the World Champion LAT or a broken down old fool of a blow bag??

    but more troubling than the ginned-up math is the total lack of respect towards women shown above. but i guess that’s about what you’d expect from a school whose fans and administration didn’t seem to have much of a problem with their starting tailback groping and spitting in the face of two young women while stinking drunk. they probably asked for it, right trOXans??

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Well, Bucket, are you going to the Kraft bowl? BruinRob has been bragging about his tickets, but you’ve been pretty quiet on that subject. Are you a true UCLA fan or what?

  • How Does, Only a loser would attend the “Kraft Bowl”? no, only a real fan would attend the Kraft Bowl to go support their team. USC played there 2 years ago, so I will assume you didn’t go to that game, perhaps because you’re a broke ass, in fact you must really be a broke ass, if you think affording 7 tickets and staying at the Sir Francis is a big deal HAAAAA! only a loser would think that.

    Yeah sure, I’m gonna post my information for everyone here…what a tool!!! Post yours, everyone here loves you man, if anything you will make lots of new friends.

    BTW “How Does”, you’re an asshole! why did you break half the cucumber in NOBS’ ass? the poor dude has a plugged butt hole now because of you! BoscoH is having a class on proper cucumber insertion techniques, will you be attending it? I think you should, this way you will won’t be breaking any “Pepinos gigantes” (giant cucumbers) inside any of your gay lovers’ asses.