Morning Buzz

Matt Barkley talks about his low-profile at spring practice while new wide receivers coach Tee Martin discusses Marqise Lee and De’von Flournoy’s roles during spring practice.

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    so the Pious Passer calls a press conference to announce he’s taking a low profile!! how modest! how humble! how Pious!!

    talk about an insufferable doooooosh.

    whereas i always pull for Tebow because he is genuinely good and demonstates real piety, the Pious Passer reeks of sanctimony!!! kind of like a Rick Santorum in pads!!! anyone care to bet me who the Pious Passer is voting for in the CA primary??? but only ’cause Michele Bachmann is out of the running!!!(God told her to take a knee)

  • USC Anteater

    Haters gonna hate. I went to the UCLA blog to complain about how their QB seems like a genuinely nice person but there was nothing there but a sign that said “Gone to the USC blog. Nothing here worth talking about!”

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    And on the 6th Day, God said, Barkley to Lee and while you’re at it, a big F U to SlopeSpic and Jim L. Lessa!

  • Bruin Rob

    Bucket, I respect the mission of our Cadre, but don’t you fear how obvious are jealousy of Barks and this 2012 squad is getting???

  • BruinTodd


    Seereeusly jealous? Why jealous? We have to much prowd of with are own team. Thats the way I want it thats the way I kneed it!

  • Bruin Rob

    While I’m at it…

    ThaiMex said:
    All of the sudden, I’m getting very sleepy…Maybe its got something to do with “ENDLESS LOOP” himself.
    You guy’s just keep FIT-Ting on!
    A Big Torgan Shout out to all my Torgan Buddies out there!
    March 28, 2012 7:28 AM

    Perhaps spending every day commenting on a university that we hate makes us big losers that have nothing better to do? Let’s create our OWN blog for U.C.L.A and ask the Vulfman to contribute!!! Then we wouldn’t look so pathetic on USC’s blog!


  • BruinTodd


    I allways have you’re back but these are som pritty weerd coments attaking you’re own team!

    FIGht FIGHT FIGHHHhhhTttTtTt!!!!

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    As so aptly stated by the real Bruin Rob, UCLA is destroying USC in the offseason. Unfortunately every year we actually have to play games with our stupid powder blue unis or our new tighty whities and the embarrassing losses start piling up. Chucker Bucker, aka Thai Mex, will have no real team of his own to follow so he will continue to post here.

  • Sam GiIbert

    Bruin_Rob: I don’t think it is jealousy so much that motivates the Classy Cadre. I have to agree with Thai/Bucker on the Barkley observations. He does smack of phoniness. But man, can he ball!

    And while I do not approved of the Cadre now owning our blog, they are much more amusing than Torgans. Fit on!

  • Trojan D

    Hilarious stuff, BruinTodd.

  • Bruin Rob

    My opinion is highly valued among Trojan fans here.
    (_*_) taste it!!
    (_!_) lick it!!
    8====D suck it!!

    Fit on trOXans!!!

  • ^^^ I agree, Bruin Todd is very funny, does anything ever get his skin?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Sam Gi-capital i-bert is back.