Underwhelming Underclassmen

The Pac-12 ranked fourth in the NFL draft with 28 players drafted. That trailed the SEC, of course, which had 42, the Big Ten (41) and ACC (31).
But the real story for the Pac-12 was how some of its underclassmen fizzled: Quarterback Darron Thomas (Oregon), tailback Chris Polk (Washington) and defensive tackle Armond Armstead (USC) all decided to turn pro early. And none were drafted.

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  • matthew

    Well, you certainly can’t fault Armstead for his decision.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Armstead really had no place else to go.

    Thomas might not have much of a choice either. I believe he was part of the Willie Lyles scandal. Maybe Phil Knight showed him the door before he could get the program in trouble…

  • AnnArborTrojan

    Only 28? In large part due to the fact that fuCLA had ZERO drafts along the same line as 50-ZERO. Kind of like Chucker Buckett, ThaiMex, etal getting ZERO attention from anyone other than Misses Michigan (think about what lower Michigan looks like on a Map).

    ZERO all around for the bRUINS!! HAWR!! HAWR!! HAWR!!

  • ^^^^^^I find it hilarious some people can’t seem to post without mentioning the superior school UCLA and the superior Athletic program as evidenced by a gazillion national championships – tops in NCAA. I could see if USC had a dozen of their players drafted but no, USC had 3 T H R E E players drafterd??? are you effing kidding me??? the F O O T B A L L S C H O O L ????
    THREE PLAYERS DRAFTED???? now THAT is hilarious!!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Idol: the reason you can’t ask a trOXan the time of day without they launch into an angry tirade about the Bruins, is simple: they have a MASSIVE INFERIORITY COMPLEX!!!!

    it comes from UCLA being the Natl. Leader in Chapeenships, being academically superior and being loved world-wide, and have truly transcendent alums: Wooden, Jackie Robinson, Kareem, Arthur Ashe, Troy Aikman, Jackie Joyner, Ann Meyer-Drysdale etc, etc, etc!!!

    the face of the trOXans is OJ.

    oh great, now i have a massive SUPERIORITY complex!!

  • Karrillo

    John Wooden was the single biggest cheat in the history of college athletics.

    The dirt he is culpable for out-weights any single university’s entire athletic department.

  • Globe

    Neither school had many players drafted but for very different reasons. SC didn’t have many because almost all of them are coming back next year to win a national title. UCLA didn’t have any drafted because they had no talent on their roster.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    This blog is full of bRuins!! Just catering to the audience, geeks!!

    TROLL on, though!!

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    LOL Bruin guys cannot get enough of this blog!!


    And of course UCLA is mentioned regularly on this blog, I mean duh, UCLA is a laughing stock in these parts and hey who couldnt use a laugh, LOL!

    Accept it, USC is just better than UCLA. Sorry…


    Thomas and Polk were not drafted.– That is kind of scary.

    I mean, Polk especially was a bruising runner between the tackles, the kind that the NFL covets. So what happened?– Injury prone or something?

    And Thomas, although unorthodix by NFL standards because of his less than stellar arm, but perhaps offset by his scrambling ability, is a testament that to make it in the NFL the quarterback better behave like one in college