Answer Thursday! (Part 3)

Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin, two favorite topics, resurface in this segment.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
In the last round of questioning you stated that Steve Sarkisian’s dream job would be USC. Was Sarkisian offered the job? If not, why not or If so, why would he pass?

A: He was not offered the job. He told people I know that he would take it for $4 million, meaning he would need a lot of money to leave Washington after a year. Now, a couple years down the road, I think he’d leave even faster especially since he hasn’t exactly set Seattle on fire since he arrived.
Why was Lane Kiffin hired over Sarkisian? Kiffin was viewed by Mike Garrett as a package (Monte Kiffin, Ed Orgeron) more than anything else.

Q: Karrillo said:
Lane Kiffin’s comment about Marqise Lee having the potential to be the best wide receiver in the history of USC Football made me think. If Marquise Lee and Robert Woods both stay healthy and live up to their respective potentials this season do you see any chance of Lane Kiffin and/or Matt Barkley preferring to go to Lee over Woods? Could Lee be rewarded jersey #1 by this time next year?

A: I already think Lane Kiffin prefers Lee just from his comments where he always seems to talk about Lee being more talented than Woods. That’s fine though I thought Kiffin’s timing was poor last year when he said Lee was the team’s best receiver right when Woods was considered for All-American teams and the Biletnikoff Award.
I think Matt Barkley likes both and would not take one over the other especially because he and Woods have a connection on the field that allows for some plays you do not normally make.
I don’t think Lee will wear No. 1, mainly because his dream is to wear No. 9.

7 thoughts on “Answer Thursday! (Part 3)

  1. I beleive Sarkisian has less ability to hire the level of assistant coaches or consistantly recruit top players as Kiffin. You can say Washington is not SC, but both have winning traditions. I think both coaches are a “wash” when it comes to game-planning. But you have to have the horses to win with any gameplan. Sark would have been overpaid at $4 million. Good decision MG!

  2. Hey Trojans, Kiffin and Sark can’t hold Chip Kelly’s clipboard and they will be his bitch for years to come. And they can both knock it off with the visor, there can be only one visor in the.conference. quack quack.

  3. Quack Attack,

    This past season at Autzen, you never held a lead. Against a team on the road, on probation, less scholarships, no bowl game, etc.


    Ps. You also have 0 national championships. Enjoy that.

  4. LOL look who has a big ego because his team has a grand total of ONE Rose Bowl victory in the history of the school’s existence. Congrats Quack Attack, now somebody feed the man some bread crumbs.

    See you in November when your gimmicky spread offense gets stomped on

  5. Quack Attack, you are the worst thing to happen to our conference, ever. Not only are Oregon fans the most disrespectful people I’ve ever met, but they are the most arrogant (without reason) as well.

    That being said, my only problem is that year after year, without fail, your Ducks get pounded and embarrassed in their out of conference games. I don’t even have the effort to look it up, but I believe you lost twice to Boise, twice to OSU, and so far once to LSU. If you think you’re a top 5 team, you should try playing OOC teams like you are.

  6. Can someone tell me why 0reg0n has a zero “0” on their helmets?

    Is it because of their 0 National Championships or because of their 0 Heisman Trophy winners, or both?…

    Also, if they ever do win either, will they change that 0 to a 1?

    I guess I’ll ask Wolfie next time.

  7. FYI: Quack Attack is actually a UCLA troll.

    I know who is the REAL Quack Attack and he is not posting at the moment.

    To the point though, most REAL Oregon Duck football fans not only respect the USC football team but admire how it has represented the PAC-10/PAC-12 through the years. We look forward to each years matchups as a time when (now) two great teams can battle each other for the Conference Championship.

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