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Marqise Lee’s explosiveness vaulted him into the Hesiman race and led the day during USC’s 49-10 victory over Hawaii. Link here.
Michael Owen Baker/Daily News

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  • BoscoH

    Lee is a beast. He has almost Reggie-like instincts in space with the strength and speed to power through where his instincts fall short. I think we’re seeing the emergence of the next T.O. or at least the next Chad Johnson.

    But I still think the amazing play of the game was the touchdown to Woods where Barkley put the ball behind him. That play was all about the craft of being a great receiver and working with your QB. The extra thing Woods did there was take away any chance for the corner to pick that ball off. So smart, so athletic, so dominant.

  • Evil Robot

    Good to hear that the Trojans were “prevented from really putting the Warriors away”, despite the fact the closest Hawaii got all night was when they were trailing by 7 with 59:46 left to go. There was a palpable nervousness among the crowd when the Bows kicked a field goal against the second & third team defense to bring the deficit to 32.

    I’m surprised you haven’t started lobbying for Whittek to get the start, since he is clearly the more accurate thrower, as evidenced by completing all three of his passes. Plus, he’s tall.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Absolutely nailed it, Evil Robot.