Answer Friday! (Part 2)

A reader wonders if Lane Kiffin being the coach and offensive coordinator hinders the offense?

Q: SoCaLNative_1959 said:
Do you believe negative reporting on USC football gives you credibility? Wouldn’t it make sense that a non bias journalist would post some positive stories as well as the constant flow of negative stories you post?

A: I assume you did not see my story in the Morning Buzz on Matt Barkley visiting children suffering from cancer at local hospitals. Fans rarely remember the positiive stories but they always remember stories they consider negative. Believe it or not, most people at USC do not give much credibility to journalists who only write positive stories.

Q: Troy said:
Do you think Kiffin as being dual-hatted (HC and OC) is the reason why the offense is struggling? If so, do you see an immediate hire for an OC for next season?

A: I think this is a problem. I think the OC needs to be in the booth and not on the sideline calling plays. I also think Kiffin is less effective as a head coach with dual roles. He never seems to do much with the defense or pump up the sideline during games. But he won’t be able to lure a good OC unless he gives up playcalling and I don’t see that happening.

Q: trojaned 66 said:
Your prediction Scott:Who will have the best record at seasons end…USC or UCLA?

A: I would say USC is still going to have the better record.

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  • Trojsteve5

    You’re on the money about Kiffin being both head coach and offensive coordinator. He has no charisma during the game having his head buried in that clipboard. Not sure if he was up in the booth during the Texas title game at the Rose Bowl when he called that 4th down play leaving Reggie Bush on the sideline. His immature acts during this season so far shows he is not ready for prime time.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    4th and 40 Kiffin has never been a good OC and never will be. Love to see the moron with no talent once , would he even get a 1st down ???

  • Evil Robot

    I see where that head coach who also calls the plays has worked out terribly for Urban Meyer.

    I would also be curious to see who you think are the three best coaches at “pumping up the sideline”. I would assume your hero, Mike Riley, would be right up there, unless you take in to account his less than epic “pumping up” when Sac St put the first of their 9 losses on the Beavs last season.

    Dual coaching roles are fine, calling 20 variations of the bubble screen each game would be less than fine. It is also strange that the offense doesn’t seem to struggle that much when their best offensive lineman is playing.