Unfinished Business

There definitely is some unfinished business as USC left Arizona Stadium with a season in tatters.

Like why an offense featuring so many marquee players can be so inconsistent? Or why its coach is so averse to playing to win on the road? Or how a team with so much talent leads the nation in penalties?

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  • SW, you are without a doubt an @$$hole.

    • TrojanFan

      you mean asshole

    • Why, because he speaks the truth about the spoiled brat head coach and his senile dad?

  • TrojanFan

    Wolfman asks the hard questions , but never gets any answers….what a fuckin loser…may be woman’s soccer is more his calling

  • John Nossaman

    I am depressed!

  • Topiary

    Wolf! You’re the best. There is a reason not one USC quarterback has NEVER led an NFL team to a Superbowl win. Unlike those from Cal and Stanford. USC quarterbacks are coddled and as long as they can stand in the pocket and not get touched, they are fantastic! With this being the case nine times out of ten, there is very little reason for a USC quarterback to actually improve over this time playing at USC. Give them pressure, let alone the pressure every single QB in the NFL experiences game in and game out and the USC quarterback(s) struggles greatly. Matt B will be another major disappointment in the NFL. They remain boys and rarely if ever mature is men in the NFL.

  • oregon111

    uh oh…

    if usc loses to oregon & az wins out – guess who wins pac12 south???

    • TrojanFan

      You better hope that doesn’t happen…..quit drinking all the koolaid

  • wolfman, aren’t these the questions the Cadre has been asking, or, more accurately, PREDICTING since pre-season!!!
    we are ON RECORD as asserting that put in a position where he has to lead hiim team to a victory late in the game, Better Booty would fail.
    and he has. twice so far this season.
    why dontcha point at the scoreboard now, Better Booty???

  • EncinitasBruin

    At this point in the season, with the PAC 12 South champion most likely to be decided in the Rose Bowl on 11/17, I would take Hundley over Barkley because of his mobility. Not a hater comment, just an observation about which player has the momentum right now, in late October.