Open Forum

Time to take some reader questions on the post-Arizona fallout. One per person please.

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    Is Kiffin as paranoid about his job as he should be?

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Narcissists are never worried about their performance, it’s always someone else fault.

  • dtksr1

    You & I have seen countless times of how a defensive line of big, powerful & aggressive linemen can control a game. This is the SECs advantage and it looks like Notre Dame is finding this out also. So why is Ed Orgeron spending his time in the Inland Empire, when he can hop on a plane on a regular basis and seek hybrids where they grow up, the south, where he is known & used to coach. Kiffin sure as hell knows about SEC-type linemen and it doesn’t take a dummy to realize California linemen might compare well on the offensive side, but not on the defensive. In your opinion, why is this being ignored?

  • Ben Doverz

    Does Pat Haden know who Chris Petersen is? I say this as wouldn’t it be better to end the Kiffin era after this recruiting class comes in and not next year when there will be rampant speculation as to whether Kiffin will or will not be let go and that recruiting class would suffer due to such speculation? I also hear that Norv Turner is a name being bandied about as a possible replacement for Kiffin, Norv Turner ?

    • Golden Trojan

      Norv and Kiff apparently went to the same coaching clinics this past off season. I don’t want Norv coaching the Trojans any more than I want him coaching the Chargers.

  • Aris

    What kind of impact do you think a disasterous season will have on recruiting (both on the recruits and coaches’ focus)?

    Also, I feel the that the body language of the team has made me believe Coach Kiffin leads by fear instead of motivation (which explains the lackluster effort from the offense). That being said, I can see Sarkisian being let go if his team also underachieveds. At this point, wouldn’t it make sense bringing him in? I know they get along and I can see Kiffin collaborating with him with an open mind. I know you answered this before but the decision making of Kiffin is getting to me.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      You want TWO brain dead idiots running the offense ?

      • Aris

        If you don’t remember, Kiffin and Sarkisian were a success as co-coordinators. Having Kiffin focus on coaching, and another individual as an OC (even if it isn’t Sarkisian), can breed success. You need to have another coach that isn’t afraid to disagree with Kiffin and Sarkisian may be that person.

        • L’Angelo Misterioso

          No they were not, or have you forgotten the 2006 RB, the 2006 ucla game ? Kiffin is a narcissist, if he ever got an OC the guy would be a puppet. Sark sucks and so does Kiffin.

          • Aris

            I try not to remember that game but remember, that was just one game. I wasn’t too confident with that team because of the QB. Just watching Booty live, just made me question his leadership skills. He was a “solid” qb but not great. With that game, I saw a qb that wasn’t poised to win under duress.

    • The Ghost of John McKay

      Sarkisian ? OMFG !

      • Aris

        Yes, Sarkisian. Just putting out what can perhaps allow Kiffin to loosen his grip. It’s someone that he knows and Sarkisian wouldn’t be afraid to challenge kiffin’s decision. Some coaches are better as coordinators and I think Sarkisian fits the bill…maybe Kiffin does as well but he wouldn’t give up his HC position and just concentrate as the OC…I could name quite a few coaches who were great as coordinators but a bust as HC. Look at the professional side, Norv Turner is an OC genius but just a total tool as HC.

        • The Ghost of John McKay

          Sorry, 2 former Carroll kiss butts are not better than the one SC has now.

    • roadrunner

      Right now SC has the #1 ranked recruiting class in the nation. Not sure if that would change much with a weak ending to the season, except for some of your soft verbals, perhaps.

  • john seeder

    Since Kiffin’s narcissism won’t allow him to get an OC, and there is no way he fires his own father, how will next year be any different ( it will be worse ) and why would Haden even think it would be different, do people really think Kiffin will be told to get and OC and hire a top flight DC to keep his job?

  • QueenKiff

    Scott, has Kiffin addressed anything regarding half-time adjustment? SC has only scored a total of 28 points in third quarters this season. Is this something the coaches are aware of and talk about fixing?

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Kiffin’s too busy knocking over paper cups to make adjustments.

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    With USC football teetering on the brink of disaster and the future looking dim with Kiffin running the show, shouldn’t this prod Haden or Nikias into doing something about it, like trying to find a head coach who has actually accomplished something on his merits instead of who his daddy is ? Another year of Kiffin will only hamper ticket sales, but it will increase liquor sales as you can’t watch this mess without being hammered.

  • Tommy Walter

    What else does Marqise Lee have to do to be considered a Heisman front-runner?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Scott, how thrilled are you to know that the NBC sports network will have the rights to the EPL starting in 2013?

  • jason stewart

    If there is a complete meltdown (loosing to Oregon big, UCLA, ND), will KIffin’s job be on the line OR does he get another year?

    • QueenKiff

      I’ll answer this: Kiffin’s job is safe until sanctions end no matter how badly he drags this program down. If anything, Haden will wait until sanctions end to bring in a real coach that can cannibalize kiff’s good recruiting.

      • The Ghost of John McKay

        Yep, Kifin isn’t going anywhere cuz Haden is at some women’s athletic event and has no idea how bad Kiffin is.

        • Ruby Jones

          Really, he would need to lose bad this year and next before the ax. If UCLA destroys SC, maybe this year.

  • roadrunner

    For the record, your friends in Westwood are happy with Kiffin, but would also welcome Steve Sarkisian, based on the job he’s currently doing at UW (nice win vs OSU, I will say).

  • John Johns

    Scott, putting your petty feelings aside, do you think this stuff would be happening if Mike Garrett was still AD? Do you think Haden is weaker than MG? Do you think Haden takes any blame?

  • rusoviet

    Well he should be but I have to hand it to him – he’s cool even though ‘Troy is burning’ and Troy is. Look he replaced the finest coach since John McKay and he embraced the challenge with full effort. The problem is Kiffin really believes he is as good as Carroll but has no clue how to win a top game.

    Kiffin is way beyond his pay grade in terms of ineptitude. Best for all finish out the year and let someone else take on the headache of two more years of 10 scholarship lost but realizing the goal is a ‘complete team’ instead of just an ‘offensive idea’.

    Sooner Kiffin is gone the better – go back Fresno St. Lane you and your father – you never ever should have been entrusted with this team.

  • ELConqueror

    Scott–I actually don’t disagree with most of your comments but I was wondering if you know why they call you Gargamel?

    • ELConqueror

      Also, I’ve always thought that Kiffin brought on some seriously bad karma to himself when he dissed the Tennessee team and shucked them off like nothing. Do you think he’s paying for his past sins and if so, do you think this will blow over soon?

  • ThaiMex

    RAH RAH’s showing their true colors….Goat Boy hasn’t changed from day 1…the guy is a MENTAL MIDGET, with an over sized ego. Nothing has changed! When he wins, RAH RAH’s turn the idiot into their idol. He loses a couple and all of the sudden Torgan “fans” stop drinking the KOOL AID and take off the Rose colored Glasses. Torgan’s for life?….YUP!… (Well, it just depends on which way the wind blows).

    fit on torgan!

  • Fire Kiffin Now

    I keep reading that Kiffin may be forced to hire an OC and make other changes if he falters down the stretch, going 0-4 is a REAL possibility. Kiffin is a spoiled brat narcissist who has done nothing to merit the jobs he’s received, I don’t see him hiring an OC and thus admitting he can’t call plays and run the whole team nor letting his dad go, narcissists just don’t admit failure, they blame everyone else. If he did hire someone, I think the new OC would be a puppet with Kiffin still calling the shots. Could this be a battle that sees Kiffin leaving when he won’t do what may be forced on him or will Haden even have the guts to force him to make changes ? You keep hinting that Haden doesn’t seem to have the stomach to make changes, I hope you’re wrong.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Which recruits will be at the USC v. Oregon game?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Scott, NBC said they would farm out the EPL games to their sister channels as well as stream games and all games would be shown live. I would guess Fox Soccer and Soccer + would go to German, French, Spanish and Dutch games or maybe just fold.