Armstead Speaks To ABC Over Use Of Painkiller Toradol

Remember when Brian Ross of ABC News showed up at a bowl practice and was asked to leave because he did not have pre-practice clearance from the compliance dept.?

Ross was there to do a story on the drug Toradol, which former player Armond Armstead is suing USC over for its use that he says caused him to suffer a heart attack. Armstead spoke to ABC for this story. Link here

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  • TrojanFan

    There’s always three sides to every story….interested to see how the lawsuit plays out

    • Troy

      True…what bothers me is that it was filed when he couldn’t make it to the NFL.

      • Spedjones

        yes, he should have taken time out of pursuing his SUC-derailed dream by suing first.

        • Troy

          Just like all the other trolls, your ass has nothing better to do then to post a lame comment. Get a life. Trolling shouldn’t be a lifestyle or even a hobby. Total loser you are.

          • Spedjones

            speaking like yoda you are. Only thing more lame than trolling is yelling at trolls. LOL.

    • Golden Trojan

      Believe Johnson and SC settled the case out of court.

    • ThaiMex

      idiot…case was settled a while ago….

      • TrojanFan

        Sure it was….LOL!!!

        Since you seem to know it all, give me the details

  • So let me get this straight. When asked about this whole Toradol thing at a practice press conference, Kiffin denies knowledge of Toradol and thanks the reporter for informing him. But wasn’t he also in the Armstead home early last year recruiting younger brother Arik? I can’t believe that Kiffin, or anyone, has that much brass in his brass balls. Something doesn’t quite add up here.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Do you think anyone at USC or any other school is free to talk about pending litigation? There is also confidentiality laws to consider. If the case has merit it will move forward. What ever the case I wish AA the best and hope he received/receives the best care.

      • No, but I think if there were impending litigation, Kiffin wouldn’t have been at the guy’s house recruiting his brother. The AD, an attorney, would have put the kibosh on that.

        My guess at this situation is that Armstead’s attorneys spoon fed ABC this story. Brian Ross is in outrage mode, not gathering facts mode. If the narrative plays out, we’ve got a horrendous scandal that plagues all of college football and probably implicates everyone right down to beat reporters. I’m not buying it.

        • SoCal_Native_59

          The Lawsuit came after, as stated by someone else the NFL declined interest. I agree the story is from AA and the Lawyers. This will most likely be settled. Not sure how much will come of it, but as you stated it is far reaching and most if not all team physicians use this or drugs like it. I would bet most coaches leave it to the Docs.

  • betomas

    As if things couldn’t possibly get worse, an insider friend confirmed that there are very likely more decommitments coming by Tuesday. Many top recruits don’t want to be a part of this debacle.
    You hear this Haden?!!

    • TrojanFan

      I don’t think the janitor is a reliable source

      • betomas

        What say you now, Fail? Fitts decommited when? On Tuesday, just like I posted in the Armstead piece and in other posts. That’s what I did think. Don’t hate though. I have inside sources at a couple Pac 12 unis. Just watch and learn, son. what will happen as this month goes on won’t be pretty for bandwagon fans, like you.

        • TrojanFan

          You sound like a school girl that just got her himen popped….LOL!!!!

          I been watching Trojan football when you were still at home drinking nipple leche

          PS…I’m not buying what you’re selling, so run along….Bill is looking for new recruits

        • You said deommitments. Plural. Don’t take credit for coincidence if it doesn’t even match your statements.

          • marvgoux1

            Haven’t there been 5 decommitments?

          • Sure, specifying from when the statement was made, however, there has only been one, not multiple as was implicated.

          • betomas

            I understand your question and it’s a fair one. I wrote “decommitments” in light of the decommitments that have already occured, with Fitts being the fifth one. If nothing else, I now know my source at SC is legit and he told me that there are rumblings of more bad news during January regarding the coaching staff and more potential decommits.

          • Meh. I’m not too worried. Nothing big is happening next year, and even if we mess up bad w/ recruiting this year, it isn’t bad, as we can take more early next year.

  • Ted

    “Later at a news conference promoting the Sun Bowl, where USC was defeated earlier this week, Kiffin said he had no idea when or if Toradol was being used on his players, or about its risks.

    “Well, if that was the case then, yeah, I did not know that until you told me,” Kiffin said. “You educated me, thank you.”

    Judging by this excerpt, Lane Kiffin is either a LIAR or a FOOL. Either way Kiffin has got to go.

  • Ted

    Armstead is also a FOOL for trusting a Dr. name T-Bone! Rule of thumb don’t let anyone name T-bone to inject anything into your body! No matter how they spell Tibone!

    • He should have gone to Bucket’s doctor: Dr. Bone R. MD

      • TrojanFan

        Rumor has it, Dr. Bone R. MD is the finest Proctologist in all of Cerritos…..Bucket he had a gerbo removed by this doctor

  • wow. rock bottom continues to sink lower!!

    but does the news Southern Cal treats it players like live stock, as the story says? of course not!

    Geez Louise! how many shots of this stuff did Woods have to take???? and the fact they did not disclose this to players???

    what must the parents of current players and recruits be thinking????

    wolfman, keep the scooops coming!!

    • Golden Trojan

      Sad it’s going on at SC, but going on everywhere else including UCLA. North Dallas Forty is still alive and well. Players will ignore the warnings, coaches will encourage it cause they want to win and get noticed by scouts and GMs. Armsteads suit may help in the long run. Kiffin really wants us to think he didn’t know anything, LIAR or FOOL?

    • TrojanFan

      Bruinrod treats you like a farm animal, so you must know what it feels like….ouch!!!!

  • The kid was/is a turd.

    • lolattheobamabots

      Li’l Kiffy’s the turd.

      • Armstead IS the turd. Another dark money grab.

  • CheattheSystem

    Toradol is not an evil drug. It is given quite often it is an NSAID, just like Ibuprofin and other drugs…it just so happens it is injected.

  • Greekgas

    Any lawyer is going to jump on a drug’s potential side effects to get their claim of injury. That is why late night TV is full of their commercials.
    Toradol is a strong NSAID which is known predominantly to decrease platelet adhesion in some individuals and can be hard on people with decreased kidney function.
    An over the counter cox-2 inhibitor could have done the same thing the attorney is claiming yet people continue to use these medications daily.
    Dr. Tibone is a fine orthopedic surgeon and unfortunately for him in this case, a scapegoat.