• the “Bob Cantu Era”?????

    wolfman, you KILL with this stuff!!!

    although your point is well taken, it would not be a total shocker if the trOXans are able to leverage the “us vs the world” mentality that could fuel a short run of 2-3 wins initially.

    or, they could just roll over.

    i guess i’ll have to go with roll over.

  • ThaiMex

    Attn Torgan Fans (aka KMART SHOPPERS!) All you POM POM waving ZEALOTS …..There’s still plenty of GREAT SEATS available for tonites game @ The CHIMPORIUM! Let’s see if we can out draw last games announced attendance of TWENTY EIGHT (28)…C’mon guys….let’s show some love and support for good old LIMBO U!. Yup..it’s been a rough week/year, but you deserve it!

    I hear…Phil Jackson is considering a comeback as coach and he’s already got Jerry West and Bill Sharman as assistant coaches. Magic has indicated he wants in too! What a school….What Tradition (how many losing seasons?)
    fit on torgans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!