How Low Can It Go?

Losing to Washington State in Game 2 at home. That was one of the early cupcakes. Now what? Is it too late to cede playcalling duties? Ego figures to prohibit that.

What would you do from keeping this from developing into a total meltdown?

19 thoughts on “How Low Can It Go?

  1. Hey, Wolfie! Even after tonight’s debacle, fact remains true – Lane Kiffin is better at his job than you are at yours…

  2. At this point, the only thing USC can do is to fire Lane Kiffin before practice on Monday, appoint and interim HC, and hire Kennedy Polamalu back to run the offense. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Lane Kiffin was trying to sabotage the Trojan football team. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team with so many weapons, run such baffling offensive plays…….anybody would be better.
    That said, I hope he stays.

    • My sentiments exactly. Why do we have tight ends when they’re not used? Take the screen pass out of the playbook: It’s never used. So many other plays not utilized. There is no QB controversy. There’s a coaching controversy. Kiffin has to go. The longer he stays the more recruits we lose. Trojans will be lucky to win 6 games. The defense is the only bright spot.

      • Well, the idea that any USC team should play conservative against any WSU team at home is absurd. You could have run fly routes with Lee and Agholor all night and scored 8 touchdowns with four picks and won that game by 30. Just huck up a bunch of timing throws and let your guys make plays…….that’s why you recruited them. It’s striking that this USC team has gotten worse despite some very experienced, highly talented players.

  3. The”Fire Kiffin” chant was unlike anything else I’ve ever heard in 35 years of attending SC games.

    The natives are very, very restless; it will be interesting to see how this plays out. If he’s somehow able to create a non-horizontal passing game and make it work, he could salvage the season.

    More likely scenario: he doesn’t, and it gets very ugly.

  4. This season is only going to get worse. Next week will be no cake walk against Boston College. After that is Utah State, and we all know how good a player Chuckie Keeton is. I have this team winning 5, maybe 6 games this season if things continue going the way they are. These poor QBs have no confidence and this stupid bubble screen has to go! It aint working!

      • Doesn’t matter, both may be gone soon. Thankfully we have monitors like you to police the spelling. You must have a total breakdown reading Wolf’s stuff.

  5. Got to say, great job Pendergast with the defense. What a turn around from last season. Finally someone at USC is using all that talent, now just do the same on offense.

  6. How low can it go? Not low enough. Keep up the good work Lame Kiffin. Looking forward to your next two losses against what was once thought of as cupcake wins against Boston College and Utah State.

    ~ Bruin fan

  7. I sent this email to my USC contact list on July 15, 2013: “So, I’m riding my bike on the strand yesterday in Hermosa beach, and who do I see jogging down the boardwalk with no shirt on, a perfect tan, perfect hair and perfect physique? Yeah, Lane f-ing Kudfin. Guess he thinks living at the beach somehow makes him like Pete. Nothing further from the truth. I was surprised he wasn’t wearing his groovy sunglasses he wears when he’s doing the Trojan walk. So then, after my ride, I’m coming back, and I see the f-ing guy again, standing in the sand, still shirtless and all oiled up like a gay Abercrombie and Fitch model and looking about as metrosexual as is humanly possible. What the f__k. All the other coaches in the country are getting their teams together for the start of the season, and this guy is working on his f-ing suntan. We are totally f____d this year.”

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