Cody Kessler Clarifies Lane Kiffin Comment

Cody Kessler explained Tuesday what happened after his comments following the Arizona game, when he said: “”No disrespect to the coach that was here before, but you want a coach that you will just go to war for every time.
“I don’t only speak for myself, I speak for the whole team that we would go to war for this guy any day of the week. Any time he needed us we have his back 100 percent. I couldn’t ask for a better head coach right now.”
But Kessler he did not realize until Friday morning the firestorm his comments created regarding Kiffin.
“The way I said it I didn’t mean it at all,” he said. “Everyone said I threw (Lane) Kiffin under the bus. I told Kiffin I meant no disrespect at all.”
Kesser said Kiffin told him, “I know you didn’t mean that at all.”

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  • Cheap seats

    Keep digging, Wolf. You’ll find some way to return back to your 3+ blogs per day about Kiffin!

    Even if it means staying outside of his home everyday… Oh wait — you were already doing that.

    • gotroy22

      You rah rahs are so bitter over Kiffin’s firing. Let it go.


        RAH RAH. Still crying over your miserable life gotroy?

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Why don’t you tell WOLF to let it go…….not a day has gone by without Scottie feeling compelled to take a dig at anything related to yesterday, and not just about Kiffin ………Have you ever heard Wolf during a post game or post practice interview, especially with the players?…His questions are typically leading and filled with malice….

      • Cheap seats

        Find a woman. Try talking to her.

  • TDOG

    I threw Kiffin under the f’ing bus, okay! Who gives a crap about Kiffin, we got Notre Dame our only real rival with a decent football program coming up this saturday – Kiffin was left off the bus and then driven under it end of story

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Come Cody … it’s Kiffin , who cares what you say about that loser. We knew you meant the team couldn’t stand Kiffin and quit on him.

    • TrojanFamily

      Poor guy. Now that Kiffin is gone, you have to come up with a new nickname.

  • steveg

    I am sure there is truth there in what he said, a lot of emotion going on also. Because they have strong feelings about both coaches they are all over the place with what they feel and say. It’s good, it helps him get past it. I am sure it will create a much better focus on ND this week.

    Wolfie, LET KIFFIN GO!!

  • Stu Azole

    The SC PR team is working hard these days. Just let the kids say that Lane sucked and they’re glad he’s gone and get it over with.

  • Fred Sampson

    I’m sure Cody Kessler meant exactly what he said, the media will always blow things out of proportion which lead Kessler to adjust what he truly feels. Sometimes the truth hurts, and if I were Lane Kiffin I would learn from my mistakes and become a better Coach, if that’s the Career he still wants to pursue .

  • B.Miller

    Hey Wolf.. I see you are still hanging on to Lame Kiffin.. You just cant quite let go of him huh?

  • EncinitasBruin

    And…if you believe that, I have some beautiful lowland acreage in central Florida for sale with your own alligator pond nearby. I thought the kid had huevos to speak the truth–as the QB, he stepped up to speak his mind.