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With so much focus on injuries and USC’s depleted roster, some suggest that the university should complain to the NCAA about endangering student-athletes by making the the Trojans play with 50-some available healthy scholarship players.

But how about complaining to the Pac-12 about making USC play on one less day of rest this week? And since USC went into the season with fewer scholarship players, why did it agree to play a game with one less day to recover?

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  1. 1. Who could have predicted all of these injuries?
    2. National exposure usually help with recruiting and promoting the USC brand.
    3. I thought that scholarship reductions didn’t matter, Scottie?

  2. NCAA could care less. That much we all know by now….no chance they win Friday… chance….

  3. I thought these games were set up years ago.

    I have been to that stadium, and it is cold this time of year, the fans love to beat on SC, and that chainsaw noise on third downs is unnerving. No wonder Trojans have problems up there, and I am sure it will continue Friday night (5 point spread; if we lose by 5 or less I would be surprise)..

    Of course an SC victory would set up the balance of the season in a very fun way– Stanford and SUCLA games would then count for something i.e. a chance to play Oregon for the Conference title.

    Yeah, I know, I like to dream a little

    • They weren’t set up on Thursdays and Fridays years ago. Remember when the NCAA considered Fridays to be reserved for high school football?

  4. wolfman, LOVE how you are now OPENLY MOCKING the Dummies!!!

    But they are an eager bunch, wolfman!! Despite this abuse, they are standing patiently akimbo waiting for their crotch kicks!!

    • And if this game were to have been played on Saturday, at a typical starting time of 12:30pm, the “lack of rest” would actually be about 19 hours…..

        • Any Athletic Department would be salivating for the nice pay day that broadcast revenue brings…….. what’s your point, oh chosen one?

  5. I can hear it now: “Er, NCAA, uh, yeah, this is USC. We can’t COMPETE with just 75 kids. Can you help us?”

    • LOL fucla can’t even compete with 85 scholarship players! Let’s hear it again for Hundley’s 64 passing yards!

      • Haha. Can’t beat Oregon or Furd on the road, yes, that’s true. Can, however, beat the likes of Wazzu at home and will, most certainly, curb stomp SC in their half-filled stadium in just a few short weeks! Cant COMPETE WITH 75 PLAYERS ON!

          • When? We beat ASU on the road. And Wazzu. How ’bout them apples! Try to focus on this year, shall we?

          • See what I mean. UCLA wasn’t scheduled to play Oregon. But Joey wants to believe UCLA arranged its own Pac12 schedule. Joey’s got twelve oars, but only 5 in the water.

          • Only dodged them for 1 year. We played them after you beat us 50-0. You remember that don’t you? 50-0. 50-0. 50-0. Just thought I’d get it out of the way. And you dodge them and Washington this year and next. Although you lost to Wazzu and will probably lose to the Beavers this week, so kind of a wash.

          • Probably will. We’re 6 pt underdogs. Sorta like you being 20+ underdogs to the Ducks and getting your @$$ handed to you?

          • Feeiling feisty again today. Getting our @$$ handed to us bothers me as much as you get bothered by reminding you that your team sucks. You know it and don’t care. We lost to Oregon…expected to lose to Oregon this year. I will see if I can survive the expected.

          • Joe continues to think losing to Oregon, at Oregon, this year, is the end of UCLA. It was expected. But as far as an #ss handing goes, I don’t think it even comes close to the whipping ASU put on you troxans!

          • why are you talking about the past…again? What have you done this year? Road wins where?

        • Baby Stewie’s UCLA cheer: We Lose to Better Teams than USC. (clap 8 times)!

          Keep celebrating those losses, buddy. Says a lot about you and your team.

      • Joe…I know you are an old dog…but you can learn some new tricks. Is this when I am supposed to mention Marv Goux for the 100th time? It is merely the PAC12 money for Larry Scott. It’s why we have to try and get to Pasadena on a Friday night at 6pm for Washington. I think we will have to leave the westside on Thursday.

  6. Just how much control does a school have when to schedule an away conference game? I’m not asking rhetorically, Scott. I actually don’t know. I’d like to have an answer.

    I presume the home team, along with the conference Commissioner, have the greatest influence over scheduling (with the Commissioner’s decision driven by television). What is USC’s recourse if they don’t agree? Other than complain to the Commissioner, I can’t imagine they can do much.

  7. “some suggest”? BS! Keep throwing crap against the wall Wolf. If the NCAA cared about player safety they would not allow D1 teams to play D1AA teams ( 63 schollie limit).

  8. Look at it this way (you may have to close the other eye)…If they lose a day’s rest this week they gain a day’s rest next week. Okay open both eyes and blame Kiffin

  9. MAN “F” Pat Haden.. He should have taken a stance a long time ago. Instead of putting his tail between his legs and taking it from the NCAA!

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