Oregon Weather Report

OREGON.HOTELIt’s grey and a little chilly outside USC’s hotel in Oregon. Hopefully we won’t have fog like the famous 2004 Fog Bowl.


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  • wolfman, because the Dummies almost certainly did not recognize the stealthy crotch kick you delivered by wearing the Gonzaga jersey…..i’ll spell it out: Dummies, the wolfman is mocking the fact the trOXans went after Mark Few for B-Ball but ended up with Fewer: Enfield.

    and to think we’ve been chortling about it for days now, wolfman, with the Dummies all the while unawares…..(chortle)

    • WEB_Dupree

      I bet Reid Silverman could tell you that Wolf’s jersey reeked of Febreze.

      Speaking of Reid, in case she goes missing, we need to get the name of the body of water in that photo Wolf posted above…

      • steveg

        It kinda creeps me out to see Wolf that close to her. Maybe they should be sitting down, at least then she would look closer in height.

        • Helen

          I was wondering how creeped out she must be.

          Is it just me, or does it appear that Scottie is writing her material so he can bring in one of those zingers?

          • Helen, although i love you like a sister, you dissapoint me, like Connie Corleone dissapointed her brother Michael.

      • WEBB, why, oh why all the venom??? very nearly out of bounds….oh the heck with it, i call OUT OF BOUNDS!!!

        it was angry rants like this that got you defrocked as Padre of the Cadre!!!

        are you mixing Chardonnay and Xanax again??

        • WEB_Dupree

          Chardonnay and Xanax? What do you call that drink, a “Desperate Housewife”?

          Sounds a little too frou frou.

          Sadly, I admit I may need something strong for tonight’s game.

    • steveg

      I think you give Wolf to much credit. It is really a stretch to think he could do that as something he thought out. Just can’t see it. Pure accident, has to be. I understand your need to feel otherwise.

      • Helen

        I agree with you. More likely Scottie thought Gonzaga was a European soccer team.

  • Joe H

    Game weather report by walking outside the hotel room?

    Cloudy with no rain in the forecast, a temp of 59 at kickoff, with lows dipping into the mid 40s. Will the Trojans weather the Mannion-Cooks aerial storm tonight in Corvallis? A heavy fog and a 13-0 OSU late first half lead couldn’t stop that Leinart/Bush lead Trojans in 2004. But these Trojans could use a little help from the weather to slow down the nation’s no. 1 passing attack.

  • Joe Blow

    Ah, Valley River Inn. Did you eat alone?