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HORSEY (2)Andy Enfield’s Galen Center debut Tuesday night was overshadowed by the debut of USC’s new basketball mascots, Tommy Trojan and Horsey (OK, my nickname). They fascinated the crowd, which is what you might expect with an 8-foot horse walking around. They are a good diversion when USC plays powerhouses like Northern Arizona and West Alabama.

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  • ProbationU

    Tommy Trojan accompanied by horse and jacka$$.

    • i love the wolfman like a BROTHER, but that was a good one.

  • Golden Trojan

    If they can pull off some funny stunts during time outs and half time they might be worth it, but if they just wander around they are pretty dumb looking especially the horse. They should go old school with the horse on all 4s, one guy in front and another in back.

    • HeySucs

      That’s actually not a bad Idea, since the FGCSUC BB team stinks like Horsey’s Road Apples.

  • 22

    These cartoon figures are an embarrassment. SC is a university, not a nursery school.

    • HeySucs

      You’re not far off.

  • rusoviet

    Since we can’t create our own topics – for you Scott – national article states bluntly Sumlin is DOA to come to USC.

    TX A&M website tamu ‘dot’ rivals ‘dot’ com – “USC will need more than its past to get Sumlin.” The author, Jeff Tarpley, notes no one has moved from a current ‘Big 5’ conference to another program w.o. being out of a job for a year or more – ‘in situ’ coaches have no need to move rather they’ll use the threat to move to stay put and get a raise.

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      how about Nick Saban from MSU to LSU in 1999, or Bret Bielema from Wisconsin to Arkansas last year? Jeff Tarpley may be correct in the end, but the basis for his argument is erroneous. It’s so wrong that I suspect Jeff Tarpley is related to Wolf.

      • rusoviet

        Read it closely – he makes note of Bielema being an exception as to Saban, Tarpley’ position goes back to 2008 i.e. very little save Bielema in 7 years from one Big 5 to another.

        That is the point – just one in seven years and frankly had Petrino not been involved with that female then Bielema would either be still @ WI or taking about a year while looking for a job.

    • HeySucs

      Gosh golley Comerade, like Sumlin actually considered, or was considered for the SUC HC job. Make another wish with the skank fairy. Just another SUC sniveler.

      • TrojanFamily

        the skank fairy? So you are including doucheyness and misogyny with your regular incomprehensible posts now?

        • HeySucs

          Does your mother know you’re out making a fool of yourself?

        • HeySucs


  • rusoviet

    Man ‘Tommy Trojan’ looks like Tyrone Power’s back from the grave and oh boy ‘lookin’ for love in all the wrong places

  • Bill

    The Buzz Lightyear and Donkey fit in with the new SuC Fantasyland motif around the campus, the Coliseum, and anything relating to football!
    Stanford On!

  • Bill

    “If you want to play in Fantasyland, go to SuC!”