Nick Saban Can Handle Southern California Recruiting

saban.boscoAlabama coach Nick Saban visited St. John Bosco on Wednesday. You would think this would be a perfect venue for Lane Kiffin to recruit. But Saban will handle the important duties.

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  • B.Miller

    Saban meeting with 2015 recruits QB Rosen. I believe that is an NCAA Violation..
    BUT I forget, its the SEC, they make their own rules

  • The Capper

    Scott, who the F cares about Alabama Football. You’re such a DB. No matter what you say or do, Kiffin got the better of you. Wipe the tears from your eyes, blow your nose, dust yourself off and move on.

  • WhtHorse

    Dude is short!!!

  • oneillwatch

    I think the Daily News should rename this blog “Scott Wolf’s Fatal Attraction for Lane Kiffin”. I have never seen anybody obsess over somebody who is so over in my life. Time to see the therapist, Scotty.

  • Marv Elapes

    No one on this site cares what Saban, or Kiffin are doing. We want Trojan news.

  • rusoviet

    Man imagine going to play in AL! I guess one could say the USA has come a long way but good luck getting to ‘mass’ in Tuscaloosa-AL – kids had better take a trip down there to realize it ain’t LA heck it ain’t even San Berdoo or Tucson –

    Funny Saban pops up now – reminds one of the old ‘burned over region’ of upstate NY after all those revivals swept through i.e. says to me there isn’t talent much left in AL.

  • rusoviet

    I ‘guess’ there are some naive kids who have no idea what AL is like but I’d say Saban’s trip is due to the fact that the Deep South for prospects is about as plentiful as the ‘burned over region’ in upstate NY was (early 19th Cent.) for ‘souls to save’ – exhausted by previous revivals – nothing there – gone.

    I can’t imagine any 18 yr. old from LA finding a seamless ride getting off that plane in Tuscaloosa – good luck – this is a joke!

  • timtrojan

    Scotty just like Jill painter gets the important assignments and you get this blog plus cleaning the mens room

    • rusoviet

      Jill Painter is an idiot – a shill for ucla – only writer at the Daily News who is really objective and informative is Vincent Bonsignore.

      Hoffarth’s problem is his addiction to ‘vin-dawg’ chevrolet

  • K Dapson

    The thing is fella’s, NS didn’t defecate on a couple of SJB’s all CIF players as the current USC coach seems to have done. Two local talents who wanted to go to USC were turned away by the current USC coach. Not a good thing.