More Pete Carroll From Super Bowl Week

“I could do things (at USC) the way I wanted to,” Pete Carroll said at his Super Bowl press conference.

That’s why I nicknamed him Caesar.

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  • Beto Torrealba

    … and it was a nickname that gained no traction at all because it was as childish as “Caesarhawks” and “Baby QB.”

  • Cheap seats

    Caesar also got stabbed multiple times by his colleagues.

    Don’t see that happening here.



    • Jack B

      You’re the weirdo who said the NCAA banned Carroll from college football. Way to rep the little guttie nation. Stoooopid beyond belief!


        Dude he was paying for Reggie’s parent’s house!

        • Jack B

          If that were true, then why didn’t the NCAA ban him?

          • SUCC de trop

            Simple, SUCC got harsh sanctions and Little Petey got the Seahawk HC job and a huge $$$ raise. Little Petey really hosed SUCC, but SUCC fans ridiculously worship Little Petey’s cheating FB program.

          • Jack B

            What was Little Petey’s record against the little gutties? Go ahead, print it and you’ll be reminded of who was worshipping whom.

          • SUCC de trop

            Your post is written in English as a foreign language.

          • Jack B

            Pete’s record against the little gutties may have been a foreign language to you, but it was plain old black and white english to anyone with a brain.

        • sureshot32

          Who was paying for the Griffin’s house? Lloyd Lake? Oh yeah, you’re right.

        • SUCC de trop

          Little Petey didn’t know squat.

  • B.Miller

    …and they said Kobe was the King of LA!

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I guess that makes all head coaches a caesar…